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Dog Agility Training Tips and Guides For The Beginners

By Amie Hill / November 3, 2023

The Dog agility training is one kind of sports for the dog in which a handler directs the dog through some obstacles. During the agility training, the handler uses his voice, movement or other signals without touching any equipment or the dog. The agility course contains some obstacles with specified size. Agility training is important […]


Process of The Guard Dog Training Tips and Guides

By Amie Hill / September 9, 2023

Your dog needs the guard dog training if you want to make it a watchdog to protect your house of family. The training contains stand as a guard, bark when see the strangers to alert you, etc. You need to be patient while giving training to your dog. But after completing the dog training, you […]


How To Teach A Dog To Stay, The Easiest Way

By Amie Hill / April 16, 2023

It is not so easy for a dog owner to teach the command “stay”. So, as a dog owner, you may search for how to teach a dog to stay. Your young puppy can mean the word stay as a second stay. In this case, it can be a great challenge to your dog to […]


German Shepherd Training: Some Best Tips and Guides

By Amie Hill / April 27, 2017

German shepherd training is not hard. If you have a German shepherd, it needs proper training to become an obedient family member. Train your German shepherd dog positively because it will be more efficient. You need to start the training as soon as possible. Your German shepherd puppy can easily adjust to your family after […]