Seresto Cat Collar Reviews of 2023

The fleas are determined and hardy. If you have a cat, then sometimes it becomes challenging to kill the fleas because of their resilience and four stage long cycle of life. In addition to this, it is quite tough to locate and wipe the fleas from the pets, as they are quite smart and know where to hide. Hence, it becomes a huge problem for the owners. If you are looking the collar for your cat, here our Seresto cat collar reviews will help you to get the best cat collar.

Seresto is the best flea and tick collar for cats, and it is able to repel the fleas for eight months. This collar efficiently kills the fleas, larvae, and ticks for the kittens of age 10 weeks and older. So, no matter what the age, weight or breed of your cat is, you can simply use this flea and tick collar to repel these from a very early stage.

Seresto Cat Collar Reviews

About Seresto Flea Collars

As we endeavor to give the most accurate information about the products, we along with a group of experts, performed a test by our own on the flea collar. Before providing any information, we wanted to be sure.

There are many Seresto collars for cat reviews available on the internet but not all of those talks about the collars and its benefits in brief. This product is one of the primary reasons flea repealing collars are making a way again to the market. The broad insecticides flumethrin and imidacloprid together kill the active fleas within one day. It also repeals and actively kills any new fleas that are planning to jump on the kitten within two hours.

You will be able to see the change within a very short time. The cat collar starts to kill the fleas within 24 hours of the first application quickly. The prevention of ticks from the body of the cat starts within the next 48 hours of application. So, even if your cat is already suffering from the infestation of fleas and ticks, then it would be very wise of you to give them Seresto cat collars. This will solve your problem in a shorter time period.

In most of the Seresto reviews for cats, the customers said they like it because, it works in an effortless way and lefts no drops, vials or wet messy blob on the fur of the cat.

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How Does Seresto Cat Collar works?

The Seresto Cat collar provides unparallel tick and flea protection for your cats and dogs. No matter what the size or age of your pet is, this collar can solve all your issues with fleas. If your furry friend is struggling with painful ticks and fleas, then the Seresto Cat collars are here to give them an easy and fast relief. Though this collar works best for the cats and most vets recommend t for the cats, but in some special cases, it can be used on your dog too.

You might be wondering how this cat collar works, well the mechanism is quite easy. It offers the best and unparallel protection for the cat. This collar uses very strong anti-flea and anti-tick medications which keeps the ticks and fleas away. The Seresto collars have been developed on the basis of the novel blend of materials. This material is called as the polymer matrix, and it comes with the two highly recognized active ingredients.

The active ingredients present in this collar are Flumethrin and Imidacloprid. They are present by 4.5% and 10.01% by weight. These medications create discomfort to the fleas which they come latching on to your pet especially cat. The dosage of medication is quite high on this collar, but the effect will remain up to eight months. Instead of applying any medications directly on the skin of the fur baby then you can use this collar. In most of the cases, the medications stress out the pet and create discomfort. Plus, if they lick the medication then that can be injurious to their health as well.

If you are worried about the flea and tick season, then brush that thought out of your head because with this collar you can now keep your kitty safe in all seasons.

seresto reviews for cats

Why choose the Seresto Cat Collar?

As you are reading Seresto cat collar reviews online, you might be wondering what the benefits of using this collar are because there are so many brands out there. The collar from other brands comes at a very low price even. So why choose this one?

Well, there are plenty of reasons behind this. The expert writers of the most Seresto cat flea collar reviews claimed this company as the pioneer of flea and tick repelling collar in the market. However, the price is a bit higher than the companies but the benefits incomparable.

Easy to use

The Seresto flea and tick collar for cats are very simple to use. As this is a just a collar you need to place the collar gently around the neck of your cat and pull till it makes that click sound. The click sound signifies that the collar has been placed safely around the neck and will not fall off. This guarantees the protection of the kitty.

Safer choice

You might think as the writer of the Seresto flea and tick collar for cats reviews, I might be exaggerating, but I have been working in this field for quite a long time. Sometimes the medications or ointments can be very stressful for the cats as they are not acquainted with its smell and texture. The collar goes on easy and comes off easy, so you do not need to struggle at the time of changing the collar. Just put on, and the collar will protect your furry friend from any harmful flea or tick.

Veterinarian recommendation

Most of the vets recommend this collar for the cats as it does not create any type of irritation and have no side effect on your pet. However, it is always necessary to take the expert advice before taking any step. Hence, we took this collar to many vets and asked about their opinion. According to them, this collar kills and repeals the ticks and fleas through contact. The chemicals are safe for the pet so that you can give your cat Seresto cat collars without any doubt.

No mess

The ointments or medication for fleas leave a weird smell on the fur of the cat. But, this cat collar does not have any weird odor and are not greasy. This is what makes most of the customers fall in love.

Comfortable for the cat

Most of the flea repellent cat collars make it hard for the cats to move freely but Seresto cat collars are different. It comes with the quick release mechanism. It helps the cat to move and widen the collar sufficiently. Hence, your cat will not feel suffocated wearing this collar. In addition to this, this collar comes with reflector clips. The reflector clips make your cat visible at night.

Seresto Cat Collar Review

A few tips to use the Seresto Cat Collar

If your cat does not like the hassle and stress of pills or medications then, it is high time you should choose Seresto Cat Collar for them. We, the pet owners know how hard it is to apply ointments and give pills to the pet. In such situation, what else can be better than this collar?

  • A desirable feature of this collar is it is waterproof. It means that you do not need to take it off while giving your cat a bath. As the medications are covered inside the collar, it will not leak or come out of the collar and harm the cat.
  • The fleas and ticks give your cats a nightmare because they cause irritation on the skin of the cat. This is why; you always want to ensure that the 90 percent of pesky bugs are dead. As this collar repeals and kills the bugs, your cat will be able to live a healthy life for 8 months long.
  • Changing the collar after 8 months is very important. The price of the collar might be a bit high, but you need to discard it after eight months. Remember there are medications inside the collar and these have an expiry date as well. So, it will definitely irritate the cat if kept for a longer time.
  • This collar is safe for the cats. The level of dosage of medication guarantees you that they are not poisonous to the domestic cats. However, before making your cat wear it, take a recommendation from your vet. The reason behind this is, just like humans, your cat can be allergic to any of the active ingredients. Therefore, acquaint yourself with the allergic reactions of the pet.
  • Observe the reaction of your cat: Most of the customers have noticed no change in the behavior of the cat, but some people have noticed combined responses from their fur babies.

Our Seresto Cat Collar Reviews

Checking the feedback and comments from the clients is an efficient way to discover what your customers are thinking about the product. Most of the people buying Seresto Cat Collar from us were very much pleased with the quality of the product.

We are serving the cat owners for quite a long time, and they are in love with the collar. Some of them have given up the pills method to remove the bugs from the body of their cats. Rather, they are using the Seresto Cat Collar so that their cats remain safe from the fleas and ticks as well as do not fuss about the pills.

Customers are very happy after giving this collar to their pet cats. They are getting all positive reviews, and the bugs are not disrupting the peace of the owner as well as the cat.

Final Summary

At the end of the Seresto cat collar reviews, it is true that this is one of the best flea and tick collar for cats available on the market. Although there are many ways to remove the fleas and ticks from the skin of your cat all the techniques are quite troublesome. The topical remedies are quite helpful, but in case, if you are looking for low maintenance and greatly useful technique hen there is no alternative of this collar. You can compare it with other collars or products out there, but none of them are as good as this one.


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