German Shepherd Training: Some Best Tips and Guides

German shepherd training is not hard. If you have a German shepherd, it needs proper training to become an obedient family member. Train your German shepherd dog positively because it will be more efficient. You need to start the training as soon as possible. Your German shepherd puppy can easily adjust to your family after separating from his mother.

German Shepherd Training Tips:

You can use toy or food as the rewards while training your German shepherd dog. The German shepherd dogs are very intelligent and communicate with the owner well. Here are some tips to train German shepherd dog.

Socialize firstGerman shepherd training

The first important part of the dog training is the socialization. You can take your puppy to the socialization class. Socialization training needs during 4 or 6 months age. Introduce your German shepherd dog positively to the new people. A puppy is fearful in nature. Meet your dog with new people every day and take him to some new locations. In the new place, allow your puppy to check all around him. If he behaves friendly, give him some rewards. Besides, in your home, treat him with affection. Your German shepherd training is beginning with it. Your puppy will feel comfortable and enjoy the family time. Make sure that all the children of your family to behave calmly.

Training the use of mouth of your German shepherd puppy

Your German shepherd can chew the shoes, furniture, toys, carpets, and other things. Do not be upset and behave normally to your puppy. At the early age, he explores everything with his mouth. So, it is the great time to teach the puppy. The German shepherd has the sharp teeth. But the puppy does not know how less pressure needs to bite different things.
You can buy a bitter spray from any pet store and apply them on furniture and other things. Then keep your eye on the puppy. When you see him not like to chew other things then show him some toys. Now tell him to chew his toy, not other things. By this, he consequently learns to chew only the toys. Praise your puppy when he behaves well. Give your puppy the soft toys to chew.

Potty training for your German shepherd

When you bring your German shepherd puppy to home, he does not know where should he poop and pee. So, the puppy needs training. You can use a crate if you need it. Take the puppy outdoor at the night before sleeping time and at the morning. Take them in the same areas. Besides, you can use a command word.

Training to stay

The most necessary command is the stay command. You can teach your pappy to stay inside your home or when you go with him outside. Use some treats while giving the training. Give him a treat and tell him to sit. If he behaves well, praise him or give him another treat. Then try the command stay. If he comes with you, bring him back and again tell him to stay. Continue it again and again. If he understands your command, give him some prizes. Thus, your German shepherd training will go ahead.

German shepherd training

Training to come back

You will need your puppy to call him to come for any reason. It may be call to eat or to a walk, to keep him away from any danger. Take a treat on your hand and go outside. Then use the command come. The puppy will come to you. Then give him the treat. Always try to call him with a raised hand so that when you are outside with your puppy, you can a raise hand from the far to call him. Try to make your command understand to your puppy. Repeat the command again and again and praise your puppy when it does well.

Not to bark training

The German shepherd is a good guard dog if you train him properly. You can train your puppy not to bark without any reason. Try to find the items or things for which your puppy used to barking. Make your dog familiar with the known people and objects. When your German shepherd stars barking command him to stop. If he stops barking, give him some treats. Make some practice of this command.

German shepherd dog is the very good breed for any family. If you make German shepherd training properly, your puppy may be a great pleasure to you and your family. During giving dog training, you should be patient. Train him with rewards to get the better result. If you get hard to train him, you can send him to a training school. But if you able to give your puppy the proper training, it would be the best guard dog. Training should begin during the age of play.

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