Pure Balance Dog Food Review, Recalls & Ingredients 2023

The dog is man’s best friend. We know, we know, quite a cliché way to start an article, but it’s true all the same. A dog is the most faithful, trusting and loving companion a person can get.  So, you need dog quality food, and Pure balance dog food review will help you to find the best dog foods. And if your faithful companion really means something to you, you need to take care of him. Clean him, give him his shots, take him to the vet, provide a roof over his head and, of course, feed him. Now, you can of course just buy the cheapest thing you see in the supermarket, but that is not a good idea.

You avoid gluten, you minimize your sugar intake, and you count calories, all because you care about your health. The last thing you would do is get some off brand, unregulated foodstuff in a can that is way past its due date. Then, why would you get that same kind of horrid food for your dog? You should get the best possible nutrition for your cute little puppy, and that’s where our pure balance dog food reviews comes in. We will analyze this brand, check out its pros and cons, and help you make the best choice possible for your dog.

About Pure Balance Dog Food

Pure balance dog food comes from a company that truly cares and loves dogs. Their whole business philosophy revolves around this notion, around taking care of dogs in the best way possible, around never cutting corners. Every single ingredient that used for pure balance dog food is utilized efficiently and properly to provide your dogs with the best nutrition possible.

The nutritional profile of all Pure Balance Dog Food products has been tested and analyzed by experts. Furthermore, there are no “filler” foods, meaning that there are no extra calorically dense, but nutritionally weak foods that don’t really help your dog that much. So, there is no corn, wheat, soy, and any other presence of grains is minimal. This not only makes this product jam packed with extra nutrients, but it also makes it great for any and all dogs that have grain sensitivities.

Indeed, ingredients used in dog food really can vary immensely, with some people cutting corners and getting the filler or even toxic ingredients, all in the name of better profit margins. Pure Balance avoids this and gives it’s all to give your dog the best nutrition possible. They want your dogs to have the strongest bones, the healthiest teeth and the shiniest coats possible.

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Pure Balance Dog Food Ingredients Quality

But, let’s get to brass tacks now. Pure balance grain free dog food has a host of ingredients that make it as good as they are. There are a couple of products in this Pure Balance line, but they are all similar in the important ways, and just vary depending on your needs. But, in general, they all use the same great ingredients.

Pure balance puppy food has chicken, brown rice, brewer’s rice, pea protein, poultry fat, rice bran, dried egg product, oatmeal, sunflower oil, natural flavoring, dried carrots, dried peas, flaxseed, dried cranberries, vitamin E, D3, A and B12 supplements, folic acid, , iron proteinate, biotin, biotin., etc. You can find the rest of the ingredients on the packaging, and we will review the ones we think are the most important.

When feeding your dog some Pure Balance dog food, their meal will consist of 26 percent protein, 35 percent fats, and 39 percent carbohydrates. As you can see, its pretty balanced.

Now, the first ingredient is chicken. While a lot of raw chicken is essentially water, and so a big part of it is lost during the processing stage, you are still left with pretty much high-quality protein. Then, chicken meal is a great addition since it has 3 times more protein than regular chicken, making it cost effective and great for building your dog’s muscles. Then, we have brown rice which is chock full of complex carbohydrates. This means that they get a lot of energy, without any spikes or drops that they would get from simple carbs. They are also very easy to digest. Brewers rice is a by-product of cereal grain, and while it helps with the calories, it isn’t as good as the other ingredients. Pea protein adds that little extra boost in variety and protein content.

Then, we have poultry fat. This is high in omega-6 fatty acids (linoleic acid), which are essential for your dog’s health. While some other fats, namely stating exactly that it’s chicken or duck or turkey fat may be a bit better, this is still an excellent addition to your dog’s diet.

Rice bran is a very healthy product, filled with fiber and healthy calories. Not only has that, but it even had some fat, vitamins and minerals. They also have beet pulp, a product amazing for intestinal health, and for regulating blood sugar. Then, dried egg food is easy to digest, and has a ton of pure healthy protein. Flaxseed is full of omega-3 acids, a great source of healthy fat and fiber. Sunflower oil also has a good amount of healthy fats.

All in all, this product line is jam-packed with high-quality ingredients. They didn’t really skim on the ingredients, with very little filler. The ratio of protein, carbs, and fats is pretty average and balanced, which may or may not suit your dog’s needs. However, because of the lack of filler, and the choice of nutritional components, we really recommend this product.

Pure balance dog food reviews

Different Types of Pure Balance Dog Foods

Next, the difference between pure balance canned dog food, and the wet kind. While on the surface this can seem like a very simple issue, you really should think about whether you’re going to get your dog wet or canned food. This means taking into account your dog’s age, his health, and just his preferences.

1. Canned Dog Food

When getting wet (or canned) dog food, your dog gets a lot more hydration. This is very important and beneficial if you live in a dry and hot climate. Of course, you should give them water regularly, but this type of food presents a nice boost in hydration. Wet dog food also helps dogs that have issues with chewing their food (like, if they lost some teeth or hurt their jaws). A great choice for old dogs.

Another issue that plagues older dogs is the loss of their sense of smell. Wet foods have a stronger odor and will really influence and increase your old dog’s appetite. Finally, it increases satiety. If your dog has a weight issue and needs to lose a pound or two, wet foods really help him or her feel fuller much faster. It can also help with dogs who tend to overeat.

2. Dry Dog Foods

Dry foods, on the other hand, are much easier to measure and handle. They can also just be placed outside in his bowl the whole day, and it won’t spoil. This makes it easier to feed your dog, especially if you’re afraid of not having enough time to feed it. It is also much cheaper in that you can buy it in bulk since it has a much longer expiration date when compared to wet food. Some dry foods have the added benefit of cleaning your dog’s teeth since the special kibble scrapes away plaque, stains and tartar buildup. They can also be utilized as food puzzles and puzzle toys.

Now, as far as pure balance dog food small breed (and big breeds, it doesn’t matter) is concerned, it seems their dry food is suitable for a larger number of dogs when compared to their canned products. Their wet food is also good, and the main difference is that there is a much higher fat and protein content, both being around 41 percent, while its carb content is at 10 percent.

Now, depending on your dog’s needs, this can be both good and bad. But, the problem here is that many dogs can’t handle this level of fats. Still, this can be a godsend for some, and almost damaging to others.

Top 3 Pure Balance Dog Food Reviews

Pure Balance Dog Food, Lamb & Brown Rice Recipe

First, on our list of the top 3 pure balance products, we have the lamb and brown rice recipe. First of all, you get 30 pounds of this stuff for a really affordable price. Next, it’s amazing for dogs who have issues with their skin, or that have sensitive stomachs. Furthermore, all the ingredients are natural and even have some extra vitamins and minerals to keep your dog healthy. Its first ingredient is actual, real lamb.Pure Balance Dog Food Reviews

Now, the reasons its good for dogs with sensitive stomachs (namely, those that have an upset digestive system) is that the protein here is from actual lamb meat. This is a high-quality protein source, and coupling this with rice really puts it at ease. The natural omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids that are found in the flaxseed and the poultry fat add to your dog’s coat. All these healthy natural fats make it thick and shiny.

Furthermore, the cranberries, carrots, and peas help your dog’s immune system and keep his or her eyes healthy. Finally, brown rice is a whole grain and a complex carb source, which means that they won’t suffer from any insulin spikes. Instead, they will have a moderate amount of energy throughout the day, and won’t crash. Also, there is no corn, wheat or soy here, so no filler ingredients.

Finally, it will simply taste delicious, and your dog will not be able to get enough of it.

What we like:
  • Has actual lamb meat as its protein source here
  • Dog will love the taste and smell of this product
  • No insulin spike and no insulin crashes – good energy throughout the day
  • Gives them a very healthy and shiny coat because of the natural omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids
  • Boosts their immune system thanks to all the extra vitamins and minerals
  • Amazing for dogs with sensitive stomachs, thanks to its high-quality protein source and lack of filler ingredients.
  • Great for dogs that need the extra protein
What we didn't like:
  • Not intended for dogs that need a limited and lowered amount of protein

The Verdict

Excellent protein packed dog food providing your dog with a shiny coat, healthy bones, and strong teeth. It also boosts your dog’s immune system. Remember, though, that not all dogs need all this extra protein. Buy It from here

Pure Balance Grain Free Formula, Salmon & Pea Recipe

Next, on our list, we have another recipe, namely, salmon and peas. Just like the previous one, it’s full of protein and healthy ingredients. You get an amazing and excellent dog food for an affordable price. It’s made using carrots, potatoes, peas, and salmon. They will really help dogs that have issues with constipation, as well as taking care of your dog’s teeth. And the extra protein really means a ton, especially coming from such a healthy source as salmon is.pure balance dog food coupons

Let’s start with the salmon first. As you may or may not know, the fish has a lot of protein and healthy fats in it. And the best example of this is salmon. Salmon has a huge amount of pure protein, which helps build your companion’s muscles and tendons. Great for growing pups. Furthermore, while it is low in fat, those fats are incredibly healthy. Omega 3 fatty acids found in salmon will make your dog’s coat extra shiny and thick. It will also improve its joints and tendons, making them stronger and helping them heal. The peas add some extra protein as well.

The carrots and starch gained from the protein help dogs with constipation issues because of the fiber they introduce into their diets. Old dogs, dogs with stomach issues could really use extra fiber. Furthermore, the carrots here will improve their eyesight and improve their circulation. And like all pure balance dog food, it’s fortified with extra vitamins and minerals.

What we like:
  • Salmon is an amazing source of lean protein, building up your dog’s muscles
  • Salmon also provides your dog with lots of omega 3 fatty acids, improving their joints, coat and tendons
  • Carrots and potato starch found here help dogs with constipation thanks to the high fiber content
  • The peas add some extra protein
  • Furthermore, the carrots improve the dog’s eyesight
  • Extra minerals and vitamins found in all pure balance dog food improves your dog’s immune system
What we didn't like:
  • Like the one above, extra protein is not necessary for all dogs
  • Not for dogs who already have a lot of fiber in their diet

The Verdict

Like the previous one, a product jam packed with protein and amino acids. However, this has the extra benefit of having extra fiber and helping out dogs who have issues with constipation and issues of that sort. To buy this product, click here.

Pure Balance Wild & Free Bison, Pea & Venison Recipe Food for Dogs

Finally, we have the bison and venison recipe in the Pure Balance dog food review list. It has no extra filler or harmful ingredients. It also has actual bison as its first ingredient. Furthermore, the bison gives you a lot of protein, while the lack of filler means you’re really getting your money’s worth. It also supports the dog’s muscles and immune system but also does wonders for its heart. It also has no artificial substances inside, like flavors or preservatives.Pure Balance Dog Food Reviews

So, first, the bison and venison. These meat protein sources are great not only because of building up your dog’s muscles. They are full of iron and other minerals and vitamins that keep your dog’s heart healthy as well. The antioxidants present here, like vitamin E and C give your dog an extra boost to its heart and immune system. Your dog will be able to jump and play for hours every day thanks to this product.

It also completely lacks any artificial flavors and preservatives. There are no artificial colors here as well, so you know what you’re getting into when getting your dog this product. Filler products are minimized as well since there is no corn, wheat or soy. This is great for dogs that have issues digesting these as well.

What we like:
  • Protein sources coming from venison and bison give your dog lots of iron
  • No artificial flavors, preservatives or colors
  • No corn, wheat or soy – minimal filler in this product
  • The protein sources coupled with the vegetables here strengthen your dog’s heart
  • Vitamin E and C are antioxidants, give your dog extra energy
What we didn't like:
  • A bit pricier than the previous items on this list

The Verdict

Dog food that strengthens your dog’s muscles, tendons, and teeth, while keeping his or her heart strong and healthy. Also lacking any artificial flavors and preservatives, as well as fillers like corn and soy, make this an excellent choice for any dog owner.

pure balance grain free dog food review

Pure Balance Dog Food Recall History

No matter what type is bought, like pure balance salmon dog food, or any other kind, we have found no evidence of any recalls that have been performed. There were no complaints or issues with this company.

Pure balance dog food recall is nonexistent, a fact that really puts forth this company as a trustworthy one. Salmonella infections and outbreaks, as well just a batch that wasn’t processed properly, can happen and are often the cause of a recall. With pure balance dog food, nothing of the sort happened.

Our Pure Balance Dog Food Review

There are a couple of pure balance dog food reviews, all of them pretty positive. One website user reported that customers are very pleased with this product, as well as saying that dogs really like the taste and eat the food with immense appetite. They have also stated that it’s affordable, and called it an awesome “up-and-coming brand.”

Users from another site have stated that the ingredients of very high quality. While they have emphasized the need to check the ingredients list, since not all pure balance dog food products are grain free, they are quite happy with the nutritional outline of this product. They are also quite happy with the product being affordable and giving great value for its price.

Some are very satisfied with the amount of protein you can get in some products that are part of the pure balance line. And not only that, but there are other products in this line that give your dog a large number of calories in case your dog is very active. They are very satisfied with the fact that there is a lot of potato starch in these products, which reduces insulin spike (while regular grains emphasize this). They also mentioned how these products give a lot of different vitamins and minerals that help your dog regulate its immune system, gives it a nicer coat and healthier skin.

Final Thoughts

Well, there you have it, folks. We have covered essentially everything you need to know regarding Pure Balance dog food. We talked a little about what this product is about, what its uses are, and we went in depth into the nutritional content and ingredient list in our Pure Balance dog food review. Since you may have already noticed, it is pretty much full of high-quality ingredients, with very little, if any filler. Pure Balance also took care to take into account grain sensitivities, insulin spikes, and gluten allergies.

And another great point is that there is much variety in their products. You can give your dog food that is very high in calories, in case it’s very energetic and active. Or, you can give them some stuff with a ton of fat and protein in case they are growing and need that extra muscle. Reviewers and users from other sites have agreed on all these points, and have also quite often emphasized just how affordable this product is. So, if you want some dog food that is affordable, high quality and healthy, Pure Balance is the way to go.

Also, we noticed that dogs loved the taste of pure balance lamb and brown rice the most, so that is our specific recommendation. Though, of course, the other products are amazing as well.


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