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Best Kitten Food Reviews of 2020

By Amie Hill / January 14, 2020

As your kitten grows little by little, it’s time to consider giving him the best kitten food that he needs. Kittens have a biological need for animal protein. They can tolerate a limited amount of plant products, but for carbs, it’s less than inadequate. High-Quality cat food should base on high animal portioned, the presence […]


Feeding Kittens: How to Feed a Kitten? Ultimate Guide

By Amie Hill / December 25, 2017

If you have kittens, you should know how to feed a kitten properly. Feeding kittens are very easy, but you should know everything before starting. Even though there are a lot of kittens that eat as early as about 4 weeks, some of these kittens take on an additional 2-3 weeks before they start to […]


How To Take Care of a Kitten & Teacup Cat: Top 7 Tips

By Amie Hill / December 6, 2017

The kitten or cats are very lovable and adorable creatures. Cat owners get very attached to their cats and vice versa. However, there is something a cat owner would love than their own cat. Teacup cats are a miniature sized cat. Sounds amazing right? But you should know how to take care of a kitten and […]

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