Dog Agility Training Tips and Guides For The Beginners

The Dog agility training is one kind of sports for the dog in which a handler directs the dog through some obstacles. During the agility training, the handler uses his voice, movement or other signals without touching any equipment or the dog. The agility course contains some obstacles with specified size. Agility training is important for a dog to gain confidence, self-control and good communications with the owner. The dog training surface may be grassy or made with special Matt. The dog cannot complete the course without the direction of a human.

Benefits of dog agility training

Dog agility is one of the popular sports for the dogs. Like a child, the dog also needs some extracurricular activities to gain confidence, discipline, and others. There are some benefits of dog agility training. They are given bellow.

1. Agility is a great exercise

Agility training makes your dog working which helps to lose some excess energy. The agility course contains running through some obstacles. It is a challenge for your dog’s body and also for the mind. The training helps the dog to build the muscles and keep the body fit.

2. Help your dog to gain natural instincts

If your dog will live in the jungle, he needs to run after the prey to get his food. He will run to catch rabbits or other barriers. But in your home, your dog does not have the natural instincts such as jumping, climbing up the slopes or squeezing through the bushes. The agility course is designed as a natural scenario and it helps to get your dog the natural experience of hunting.

Dog Agility Training

3. Build the confidence of the dog

Dog agility training let the dog go through some obstacles which make the dog be confident. If your dog completes the agility training competitions completely, he will gain more confidence. It also improves the behavior of the dog. The dog also overcomes any kind of fear.

4. Self-control

Agility is not only a game. In the agility training, your dog has to wait politely for his turn when other dogs do train with the equipment. Then the dog has to walk the equipment in a polite manner. It teaches the dog to control himself.

5. Dog-owner communication

Agility training is the training where the dog has to follow some direction. It makes the dog obey the owner. The owners also learn how they can express their command or wishes to the dogs. The skills allow the owner to handle easily their dogs. So, it seems that agility training helps to improve the communication between the dog and owner.

Is agility right for your dog?

Most of the dogs enjoy the agility game and do well in the game. It is necessary for the dog to improve the physical and mental condition. You can learn about your dog’s focusing ability, running skills, etc through the agility training. So, agility training is quite right for your dog.

Tips on dog agility training

Any dog can go the agility training. The training contains some obstacles. We are describing some of them bellow.

Bar jump

It is a jump where there are some bars just a little above from the ground. You need to hold the leash and walk simply with him over the jump. If your dog seems hesitant, let the dog sniff and then guide him to pass slowly. Praise him after completing the step and take him to another side. Then raise the bars slowly but not so high.

Dog agility training

Wave poles

Wave poles are the training which you can keep a set in your backyard. Your dog needs to practice frequently with a short interval. You can make your dog master of the waves with some popular methods. The “wire method” is a method where the wires are used to the poles making a path to follow. Firstly, you should place the wires at such place which can discourage the dog from going under them. There are some other methods such as “Chute Method”, “Channel Method”. You can start with 6 poles during the dog agility training.

Your dog needs to enter at the right side. If he does right, give him some treats. If your dog sometimes “pops” out of any pole or skip one, do not give him any reward. Simply take him and say to do it again. But start again slowly and make sure that he does not skip any pole. When he does it successfully, praise him and give him treats.

Dog agility training


Make sure a long leash of your dog before introducing him to the tunnel. Then keep your dog on one end of the tunnel and go to the other end. Call your dog to come slowly towards you. You can also show a reward out of the tunnel. When he comes outside of the tunnel, give him the treat. Do this for a few times.

Dog agility training

Tire jump

Tire jump is as like as the bar jump. It is for your dog to jump confidently through a narrow space. Encourage the dog to go through the tire and then gently guide the dog. If he does it properly, greet him from the other side. Only raise the tire when he does it at a certain height. Change the position of the tire and allow your dog to pass through it. After a while, he will learn what height is needed to get through the tire.

Dog agility training


You can give your puppy the A-frame training. Take your dog to the A- frame and allow him to walk through it. Your dog will naturally do well and come down fast. You should concern about the safety of your dog.

Dog walk

It is a slow and steady walk. Hold tightly the leash. It is batter to keep another person on the other side. Then try to keep your dog to focus on the board and go to ahead. When your dog reaches the bottom, don’t allow him to jump. Just walk slowly and let him reach to the grass. Then give him a treat.

Dog agility training

Other obstacles

There are some other obstacles such as the closed tunnel, pause table, see-saw, board jump, etc. There is also double and triple jump. At the panel jump, the dog needs to jump across a wall. Cross-over is one kind of dog walk.

The agility training is very good for a dog pet for his health, mind, and socialization. You can give dog agility training to any aged dog. Come over through many obstacles help your dog to be more confident. It also keeps your dog fit and gives him a good shape. You can design a course of agility training for your dog. The training centers give awards according to the scores.

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