Dog Behavior Problems: Understanding Dog Behavior

Dogs in our house, have a pattern of behavior that can attract attention. This includes common dog behavior till damage behavior that causes problem. There are many dog behavior problems that you should know. To understanding dog behavior, it is very easy.

If you want to understand dog behavior, we can help you. Here we will learn to understanding dog behavior that can help to make your dog healthy. After reading this article, you can also understand dog body language. Let’s start!

dog behavior problems

Understanding Dog Behavior Tips:

If you see any dog behavior problems, you should read this article which can help you to understanding dog behavior very easily. See details in below:

1. Dog Barking

Barking is probably one of the most common dog behavior and often tolerated by humans, especially in suburban areas. There are several types of dogs, barking easier than others. Terrier for example, bark if there is provocation, even the slightest. Meanwhile, Siberian husky rarely bark and Basenji only sounds with high and low tones. This is how dog family communicates. But in some ways a dog barking excessively and this can interfere and become a serious problem.

Dog Barking

There are many causes of barking and it is important to determine the cause of each case. Barking tones and patterns may help us to understand why dogs bark. Some dogs often bark when hear the noisily, the arrival of guest or anyone or any dog that passes through your house. Dogs that behave like this should be diverted so as not too sensitive like giving them a bone or toy and a warm bed.

Usually when you are going, your dog will bark as soon as you leave the house and continue barking, usually with a monotonous tone as long as you do not exist. This may be your dog feels uneasy being separate from you. Best thing you do before yo go, take your dog to walk around and play until your dog exhausted. Your dog will surely relax and sleep as you go along.

2. Digging 

Usually dogs dig to bury or hide a toy or bone, to exclude something they smell or have them buried, to make a hole to be warmer or just to play. Digging can cause problems if your dog continues digging and damaging your favorite plants.

Dog Digging

How to prevent your dog from digging?

  • Give your dog plenty of interactive games each day and give it a lot of physical activities such as running and take a walk around your house.
  • Divert digging behavior with give your dog toy such or throwing a ball or frisbee.
  • Give the bone in place that is not possible for the dog to bury.

3. Dog Pooping in the house

This action is usually performed by puppies. But it can also occur in adult dogs for several reasons, such as an infection of the bladder or bowel, anxiety due to separation from you, to mark the area as a gesture of dominance over other dogs are inside the house. You need to train your dog properly to stop pooping in the house.

If you do not want your dog pee or poop inside the house, you should take your dog for a walk outside every day. This addition can train it to poop outside the house, help to eliminate boredom in the house dan reduce stress, and can help your dog to socialize with the environment and other animals.

Dog Pooping in the house

Adult male dog rarely pull out all the contents of the bladder at a time, so that by walking long distances can help encourage them to empty the bladder.

4. Escaping

Some dogs are constantly trying to escape and go wandering. This can cause anxiety dog owners, and the danger for the dog. If you have a dog that is good at escaping, the most important thing to do is to make a fence with a minimum height of 2 ft.

dog Escaping

You need to take time every day to play with your dog interactively. Then your dog will be less likely to escape from your home.

5. Dog Destructive behavior

Destructive behavior is much more common in young dog. Because the puppies to bite, especially when teeth are growing this is done to help relieve pain and itching. In addition, the puppy need to adapt to the environment, as the way they recognize and understand the objects of their environment. An older dog or adults are also likely to do the biting behavior. Usually it is done to play or being left alone, possibly because of restless due to separation from you.

Dog Destructive behavior

Puppies will be very damaging objects when not controlled. Scold your dog when biting shoes or furniture in your home by saying ‘no’. Say it loud and firm voice, because dog can understands what we say with our voices. But do not hit your dog because it can cause trauma to your dog. If your puppy biting a toy, praise him with a soft voice and smooth, rubbing its head. If your puppy is stubborn, use a water pistol. Spray your dog’s face with a water pistol when it biting your furniture, and do not utter any words.

6. Obsessive compulsive disorder

This dog behavior is usually normal, but it is shown in the frequency of abnormal. Examples of this behavior include digging, chasing shadows, chasing the tail, biting flies imaginary, run along the fence and biting foot.

Dogs suffering from OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) usually can not be distracted from such behavior. Even if the dog had been persuaded, it is only temporary even in the short term. Some dogs can become aggressive to anybody who tries to stop doing the behavior.

Understanding Dog Behavior

In the most severe cases, it may injure themselves physically. A dog that like to dig, maybe dig until bleeding on the foot and broken nails. A dog chasing its own tail that may cause sores on the skin and may suffer secondary infection. The dog suffering from OCD has a shortage of certain nerve compound in the brain and require treatment. These dogs usually require treatment for the rest of their lives.

Final Words

Well, these are the common dog behavior problems and you should know how understanding dog behavior. If you see these problems in your dog, then you should take care of your dog.

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