Can Dogs Be Autistic? Some Symptoms To Diagnose It

As a dog lover, it can be a question “Can dogs be autistic?” Yes, your dog can be autistic. It is as like as the autistic children. When you observe an autistic child, you will find some signs and for the autistic dogs, the signs are the same. We can define the autism as the spectrum developmental disorder which makes someone different than others. We don’t know the details about the canine autism.

Can dogs be autistic?

Autism is not the research of the veterinarians from ancient. In 1966, they start talking about the symptoms of autism in dogs. The specific DNA analysis of more than 100 Bull Terriers was in the research. The research finds the tail chasing and some other behavior. Besides, the research tells the syndrome in dogs that calls fragile X syndrome. In the case of fragile X syndrome with people, you will find the autism disorder which is estimated between 15 to 60 percent. Besides, with this syndrome, the people have long faces, large ears, and dome other symptoms. If your dog has such kinds of symptoms, you can think your god is autistic.

How can you diagnose autism in your dog?

You can ask your vet that can dogs be autistic? It is not impossible for your dog to be autistic. We learn from studies that autism can occur in your dog very well. But how can you know that your dog has autism? You can know this from the behavior of your canine. You can find in your canine the anxiety, pain or some physical disorders. It is the best to take your dog to a veterinarian to confirm it. Besides, if your dog shows any atypical repetitive behavior, you can say your dog is in autism. You can also observe some clinical signs.

Can dogs be autistic

Signs and symptoms of autism of dogs

The canine with autism has a little interest of to his mother. It also has no interest in playing or eating. There are some behaviors of autism of the dogs. They are in the bellow.

  • The canine will have no interest in new experience and situation. It will feel safe by keeping the distance from the new situation.
  • The puppy will avoid the interactions with other dogs or people and also the owner. Besides, it will not like feeding, playing or other activities.
  • The canine also avoids the new places, people. It also has no normal feeling like curiosity, fear, happiness, anger, etc.
  • The autistic dog also has the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder such as it walks around the room.
  • Though it looks sluggish, it has no interest in the activities such as other high-energy puppies.
  • The autistic puppy does not like to make the eye contact with the owner and other people.
  • It will react much to the loud sounds.
  • Shows slow motion during walking.

Treatment of the autistic dog

So, this questions is that can dogs have autism? Yes but there are some ways to treat them. Though it is better to take the autistic dog to the veterinarian, you can also take some steps by yourself.  You need to respect the autistic dog. At first, discuss to the vet to detect the problem. The veterinarian will examine the dog and give the advice that which therapies are good for this dog. You need to give more attention and love to the autistic dog. Besides, keep home safe and secure.

Some best ways of treatment at home to your autistic dog are given bellow:

  • Medication is a great way to treat an autistic dog. Take your dog to a vet and the vet can prescribe your dog the medications which can curtail some symptoms. You can use the Fluoxetine to the dog which is suffering from the autism and OCD.
  • Some dogs have the autism of anxiety and fear. In these cases, you should avoid the fearful conditions of the dogs and avoid the strangers.
  • You should call the vet to check up your dog regular basis because the autistic dog does not like the crowd places and the unknown places.
  • You can wear your dog the snug-fitting clothes. It can help your dog to feel protected because the clothes do well with different behavioral problems.
  • The dogs which show the symptoms of autism need the secure kennel or some hiding places. In these places, the autistic dog feels secure at the time when he gets frightened.
  • Though the autistic dog feels stress and gets anxiety, it needs the necessary exercises. He needs a regular walk with some weight.
  • Physical therapies sometimes do better in the case of autistic dogs.

Can dogs be autistic

How to manage the autistic dog

The answer to the question “Can dogs be autistic” is positive. If your dog shows the symptoms of autism, you need to show the special care to your dog. Help your dog adapts to the new conditions gradually and slowly. The dog has fear and anxiety. So, treat him very carefully. Make a routine for your dog. Simply try to communicate with the dog because he will not like to communicate with you. Do not give him more furniture, playing things. If you see that your dog feels fear to see the strangers, do not take him in the unknown places such as park.

The reason of difficulties to diagnose the autism of dogs

It is not so easy to diagnose the autism of the dogs. Autism is the disease with a numbers of symptoms. So, there is no any specific symptom to diagnose autism. Nowadays, a little study has been done in canine autism. So, sometimes you can diagnose disease but you do not find any scientific evidence.

We need to study more to get the evidence to diagnose the dog’s autism. Autism can be diagnosed from the social behavior and interaction with others. Now this subject is under research.

Final words

Finally, we can say yes to the interesting question “Can dogs be autistic or Can dogs have autism?” But it is difficult to know if there is any autistic behavior in your dog. The autistic dog needs much affection and care. After detect autism, take your dog to the vet and give proper treatment and manage proper environment to keep them safe.

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