Zignature Dog Food Reviews, Recalls & Ingredients 2023

Zignature is one of the best and reputed company for dog foods. This Zignature dog food reviews are going to introduce you some its famous and healthy dog food range for all type of dogs. Also, we will present you some new and exciting factors about the Zignature dog food brand. So, let’s get started.

Most of the dog food brand claimed they only produce the best dog food but how should we trust them? Finding an ideal dog food for a particular dog is not easy. All dogs are not same with appetite, nutrition need and in healthy condition. So, what would you do? First of all, find your dogs’ behavior when he eats. Is he allergic to some things, or like any particular proteins? These things are essential to consider.

We choose Zignature dog food brand for many reasons. First of all, it has a large verity of the options to select as an ideal protein meal. Also, its grain-free so digest quickly. If you have sensitive or allergenic dogs, then this brand will be perfect to feed them. With Zignature dog food reviews, you can understand more about Zignature foods for your dog.

About Zignature Dog Food

Zignature has a reputation of using unique and active ingredients by maintaining a proper standard making and processing the food. Many dog food expert gives the brand high score by all these crucial factors. We are not going to test those score and all; we only discuss the ingredients, the making process, and feedback or real dog owners. Infect it’s our research actually pointed to the brand, the Zignature dog food as a trustworthy name for dog diet.

The Pets Global, Inc started Zignature dog food line in 2010 in the USA. This company has other cat and dog food line which are also popular. Since the beginning, Zignature proved that they are not an easy competitor to other top brands. They make their place by showing the best quality and different kind of dog food formula that other brand may not offer. People around the world are highly fond of this dog food and also recommend other new dog owners to try them frequently.

best Zignature Dog Food Reviews

Zignature Dog Food Ingredients

If you look into the list of Zignature dog food’s provides food list then you will know they have almost all possible protein sources for their formulas. They have whitefish, duck, turkey, salmon, venison, chicken, etc. Also, the interesting fact is these ingredients come from different parts of the world. Like, The salmon, chicken, venison comes from New Zealand. Turkey comes from America, and kangaroo plus kangaroo meal comes from Australia. And we can assure you; they are the best local ingredients.

The manufacturer outsources the ingredients frozen without adding any chemical to preserve it. So they are safe to eat and also, don’t have any side effects. You just have to find out the best formula for your pet. If your pet has an allergy to particular food element skip that meal even it offers high nutrition value or your fellow dog owner say’s its safe. Zignature has a flexible food list, so you have all the option to choose the best one for your furry friend. Also, here are some other things that we like about the Zignature food ingredients. In Zignature dog food reviews, you will know why you should choose this food for your dog.

A natural dog food brand

First thing first, if you are not making dog food out of real chicken, fish, beef, etc. then you have to option left, one, let them free so they can collect food by themselves whatever they can and two, buy them a commercial dog food. We know you will choose option two without any doubt. If it's a commercial food brand, then there is a high possibility that it contains with carbs, grain along with some proteins sources. But we find Zignature is bit exposition on that. It’s one of the closest dog food to natural foods compare than another top brand.

They tried to combine all the natural proteins sources that are good for any particular or every type of dogs. They provide both kibbles and canned food so people can utilize them in multiple ways or as their requirements.

Dogs came from wolfs, and they were wild beast which turns into pets by human over time. But that does not mean their needs also changed over time. They need high protein come from animals. Zignature has gathered a large verity of animal, bird and fish proteins so your dogs can have the best nutrition as much as possible.

Real Animal Protein

Even their name tells you that this particular formula is made of ‘That’ ingredient. All the Zignature dog food have animal protein sources as the primary ingredient. You find any dog food which is not named in animal protein sources as their primary ingredients are not so healthy by a dog’s daily nutrition requirement. Also, there is a chance that they are using substitute element to increase protein ratio. Many companies use vegetables that are contained with a right amount of proteins.

But the thing is, dogs are not so easy about carbs, grain, veggies, etc. if they are in a particular amount then its fine, but it becomes trouble then these ingredients are added in high amount.

Besides, some of them are causes, food allergies too. But signature dog food, in another hand, uses only animal protein to make an ideal diet. They add veggies and fruits in a low about just for added some vitamin, fiber, mineral, etc. the highest protein percentage of Zignature dog food is about 80%.

All the ingredients are outsourced in a different place of the world with marinating high standard and produce the food and packed in the USA. In the USA they have two central kitchens one in South Dakota and the second one is in Minnesota. After making all these foods in here, they examine the whole batch by health officers. After their approval, all the meals packed and come out from the kitchen.

All Limited Ingredients Formulas

Zignature sold good quality of dog foods indeed. But what are those ingredients that you will absolutely find/ not find in their formula? The manufacturer makes sure their product does not contain any grains, corn, soy, etc.

Also, they keep out the potato form the formula. Many of you will be confused or surprised with the limited ingredients formula. But they make it clear in their official website whey they use to keep out them. The website tells that, all these food ingredients are proven to cause potential allergies to dogs and has a risk of other sensitivity. Also, they state that they use low glycemic carbohydrates to their foods. Such as green peas, chickpeas, etc. moreover, all this food are filler free and full of proteins that only testy but also healthy for your dogs.

Zignature Dog Food Recall History

Zignature started their journey seven years ago; they don’t have any specific recall on record of FDA website yet. The age of this brand is not so old as the others, but still, we can say Zignature dog food is a trustworthy brand for your pet food and also a real player in this market.

Top 7 Zignature Dog Food Reviews 2018

Here given a complete discussing about 7 different Zignature dog food reviews along with their good and bad aspects. Have a look below,




Our Rating


zignature dog food reviews

Zignature Turkey Dry Dog Food (Editor's Choice)

27 lbs

4.8 / 5

zignature zssential dog food

Zignature Trout and Salmon Meal Formula

27 lbs

4.7 / 5

zignature kangaroo dog food

Zignature Lamb Dry Dog Food

27 lbs

4.6 / 5

zignature kangaroo dog food

Zignature Kangaroo Formula Dog Food

4/13.5/27 lbs

4.6 / 5

zignature dog food review

Zignature Whitefish Formula Dog Food

4/13.5/27 lbs

4.5 / 5

best zignature dog food

ZignatureZssential Formula Dog Food

4/13.5/27 lbs

4.5 / 5

zignature duck dog food

Zignature Duck Formula Dog Food

4/13.5/27 lbs

4.5 / 5

1. Zignature Turkey Dry Dog Food

Our Zignature dog food review will start with the top most popular Zignature Turkey Dry Dog Food. This food is suitable for almost all type of dogs. The kibble of the food is mixed with small and bit medium pieces. The food is moist enough to chews so even a healthy puppy can eat it quickly. Although the dog food is enriched with high proteins and other additional ingredients.

zignature dog food reviews

This turkey based formula is ideal for dogs that don’t like to eat or have allergies on beef, lamb or goat. The food formula includes 32% crude protein and 18% of crude fat. It’s excellent for improve their metabolism and allows its agility. Besides the calorie count of this food is more than 400. So, your dog will be more active and playful will gain weight slowly.

The Zignature dog food with limited ingredients is suitable for dog big and small and old and young. The food comes with different palatable options. So you furry friend will like to have them the way the looks. If you have a puppy, you don’t need to buy any puppy food separately. Another good thing about this food is it's hypoallergenic. So, if any dog has skin problems or allergies, any particular food can defiantly try this.

What we like:
  • Made of all fresh and organic ingredients; like the turkey, they use the food formula come from organic farms of USA.
  • The turkey flavor is preferable to most of the peaky eater.
  • Enrich with protein, fat, carbohydrate and fiber that is why is good for your dog’s colon.
  • Easy to digest, so the food helps to pop your dog better and regular.
  • Great for improving agility as much he adopted with the new food.
What we didn't like:
  • It’s an expensive dried dog food.
  • Because of the high fiber, some dogs may poop more than multiple times.

Overall, it’s a good option for any dogs to maintain their good health and daily activity. Also, the flavor preferable to most dogs so it will be great for them.

2. Zignature Trout and Salmon Meal Formula

The Zignature dog food reviews bring another grain free dog food that made with limited ingredients. If your dogs are allergic to beef, chicken, etc. then you have another option than the ‘Turkey’ which enrich with protein. Also, the meal contains with the goodness of vitamin and minerals. That why this food is good for their heart condition and also have a better immunity system.

zignature zssential dog food

If your dog has an allergy of complication to digest meat protein than you can have this freshwater fish meal for sure. It could be an excellent substitute for other protein sources. This food contains around 80% water. That’s why it’s great for your dog hydrate all day.

Many people might confuse about that how fish can fulfill the protein need of a dog without having meat. But seriously, Salmon has 280% more protein compare then other meat. Also, it’s good for dog’s muscles, coat and canine. If your dog adopts this new food well, then you will notice the difference from the first weak. He will be more energetic, playful and poop regularly.

Another great thing about the dog food is, it helps to recover from some additional skin problem. Specially itchy skins. The food is hypoallergenic so, any dog with sensitive skin can easily eat it without any complication. Also, this Zignature dog food is an excellent source of Omega- 3 fatty acids and antioxidant. Omega-3 works for improving metabolism system helps to keep their heart condition well and stay fresh and healthy.

What we like:
  • Completely chemical free dog food with high protein, vitamin, and minerals.
  • The food contains antioxidants with the higher percentage of water which boost their immunity and keep them hydrated for a long time.
  • Allergy-free food and treat some of the additional skin problems like itchy skins, etc.
  • Contains with Omega-3 fatty acids which work to improving dog’s metabolism system and keep their heart healthy.
What we didn't like:
  • The food is not suitable for puppies.
  • The limited food addition has a different smell from other dog meal.

Overall, the Zignature Trout and Salmon Meal Formula is an ideal option for any dog with an allergy to meat proteins. It's healthy and easy to chew and digest.

3. Zignature Lamb Dry Dog Food

If you are looking for an all-rounder type food which can take care of the whole body of your dog with filled his tummy than the Zignature Lamb Dry Dog Food will be a great option. This dog food is easy to digest so any age or breed of dog can have. Moreover, this dog is enriched with high protein, fat, carbohydrate to make his muscles, bone, skin and canine healthy.

zignature kangaroo dog food

The Zignature Lamb Dry Dog Food is hypoallergenic and free from any type of grains. That’s why it never makes stomach upset or cause of vomit. Well, we can’t guaranty it that after having the meal your dog will never vomit again. But on the average survey neither its smell or texture causes complication in digestion system or the appetite.

The Zignature dog food is made of fresh lamb meat from New Zealand. The formula does not contain with chicken or beef. So, if your dog allergy on another meat item, then the lamb formula will work for him well. That’s why it’s easy to digest as well. If your bog has a sanative stomach or irregular stool passing, it will help a lot. The food, work to enhance the metabolism system and make poop regular. But many dog owner who has healthy dogs said their dog starts to pop more than three times!

What we like:
  • The dog meal dime size so from puppy to all grown up dogs could chew it easily.
  • This food is 100% hypoallergenic and fights with skin infection too.
  • It is made with fresh and organic lamb meat which ideal for any breed of dog.
  • Help to improve coat texture and make them shiny.
  • Easy to digestion and also improve the metabolic system.
What we didn't like:
  • The price of the product is little high.
  • Your dog may start pooping more than he does daily.

Overall, its great diet option for every age and breed of dogs. Dogs love it a flavor so, eat them like as a treat. Also, this food has canned version too.

4. Zignature Kangaroo Formula Dog Food

Here is another best dog diet foods from Zignature which is also suitable for all age and breed of dogs. Specially those have skin allergies. It’s made of kangaroo meat which only comes with Australia and enriches with high protein. With the main ingredients, they added whole eggs and chicken too in the formula. Its improve with high proteins which can fulfill your dogs’ daily need for protein.

zignature kangaroo dog food

Furthermore, it has some other important nutrients like fatty acids, iron, etc. The Zignature Kangaroo Formula Dog Food contains with omega- 3, B12 which give better heart, full energy, and immunity. Besides, the food contains with fruits and veggies. It provides fiber which good for digestion and also the poop. It also has low glycemic carbs which will strength their muscles and increase agility.

One more good thing about the food is, it only contains good fats. No saturated fat is included with the meal. That’s why it will not overweight your dog even with having a day thrice.

For better teeth and bone the Zignature Kangaroo Dog Food rich with calcium. Also, it has vitamin D, Potassium chloride, Niacin. If your dog going through physical training daily, then this food will help them a lot for better energy and strength of body. The dry meal comes with a dime size of kibble and also soft with proper moisturizer. That’s why it’s easy to chew for any healthy small or big dogs.

What we like:
  • Provide a significant amount of protein that a dog needs on a daily basis.
  • Improve the texture and color of their coat, and it looks and feels for shiny and soft.
  • Suitable for those dogs who have skin allegories badly.
  • Your dogs starting put on weight healthier way.
  • It doesn’t contain any saturated fat that can harm heart condition.
What we didn't like:
  • The meal contains pea which may trouble for some dogs to digest.
  • The smell is not so attractive infect it smells like grass.

This Zignature dog food comes with canned version too. So, now it will be more comfortable to buy, feed when you need.

5. Zignature Whitefish Formula Dog Food

Our next Zignature dog food review is for Zignature Whitefish Formula Dog Food. This dog diet is exceptional for other dog foods. Many brands of dog food consist of various type of fish; some are merely made of Salmon or wild-fish formula. However, this Zignature dog food is made with a right balance of whitefish especially those are enriched with protein. If your dog has a sensitive tummy or sensitive skin, then this dog food will be great for you.

zignature dog food review

This Zignature dog food is a limited ingredient food without any presence of meat. It’s made of different kind of fish like cod, haddock, etc. and whitefish meal. This meal can provide 61% of protein, Vitamin B6, B12, Omega-3 fatty acids, etc. the fat rate of this meal is bit high-39%. But all the fat is from fish, so they are healthy for body and even digestion. Moreover, the omega-3 is ideal for maintaining a good heart condition of your pet.

First of all, it's a hypoallergenic dog meal. Many dogs are allergic to grain, chicken and some of the wild fish item. If your dog also has the same problem, then switching to the whitefish diet will be the ideal solution. The efficient but straightforward formula of the dog food works to overcome skin iciness, flaky skin or severe other skin issues.

What we like:
  • Grain-free dog food enriches with omega-3 which good for their heart and health.
  • Suitable for those dogs who have itching/sensitive skin due to it has zero allergy-porn ingredients.
  • The meal is dime size which makes it suitable to eat for all age of dogs.
  • It’s easy to digest and improve their metabolism system, so if your dog has a problem with hard stool than its will benefited for them.
  • A balanced blend of fish, legumes, vegetable, oil, fruits, etc. which provide the daily need of protein, vitamin, and minerals.
What we didn't like:
  • The test is may not preferable for all type of dogs.
  • It is very expensive dog food.

Overall, the Zignature Whitefish Formula Dog Food is natural digestive and healthy diet for any age of the dog. It’ll help them to recover many health problems and make them agile both indoor and outdoor.

6. ZignatureZssential Formula Dog Food

The next Zignature dog food review is none other than the ZignatureZssential Formula Dog Food. This food is made for all size, age, and kind of breed dogs. This balanced dog diet improves their metabolism system and immunity. Also, it has all the essential element that will enhance their, bone, muscles and coat. The ZignatureZssential was a pretty much affordable option for many dog owners, but currently, the packaging and price has been raised and improved.

best zignature dog food

This dog food probably the highest calorie-count dog food compare than any other brands including the Zignature itself. One servicing provides 466 calories at a time. It’s a massive calories food which good for that dog, especially who are on daily hard training.

Furthermore, it’s a protein-rich formula which contains salmon meal, lamb meal, duck meal, and turkey meal. These ingredients are highly productive with protein and fats. However, the combination is made up to take care of all the facts of muscles and bone of your furry pets.

This dog food is also things like veggies, fruits, and natural oils. These ingredients work well on both digestion and immune system. Although, this dog diet is hypoallergenic. So, the ZignatureZssential Dog Food suitable for individually those sensitive skinned dogs. Also, if your dog has flaky or itchy skin than this food will help them to recover pretty soon.

What we like:
  • It has the highest calorie count compare than other Zignature dog foods available in the market.
  • The dog food is hypoallergenic and helps to recover from itchiness.
  • The food made in the USA with combining all quality ingredients.
  • If your dog is a peaky eater with a sensitive tummy, then this one is best for him.
  • It’s good for digestion too so dogs for any age or any breed can switch it from their previous food brand.
What we didn't like:
  • Some of the dog owners complain that the breath of their dogs changes after starting to have this food.

Overall, ZignatureZssential Formula Dog Food works really well in the health and growth on your dog. Another good thing about the food is, it makes the coat very healthy and shiny.

7. Zignature Duck Formula Dog Food

The Zignature dog food review have brought up an excellent solution for those dogs who are either peaky or allergic to such these foods like beef, chicken, turkey, and grains. Many dog foods are low in grains, but still, some dog cant digests them well. Some other don’t like the flyover of this item. But this Zignature Duck Formula Dog Food will be perfect for them. It’s easy to chew due to the kibble of it are dime size. Also, it’s entirely carrageenan-free. This element causes intestinal irritation and upsets their tummy. Result- irregular, thin stool and low appetite.

zignature duck dog food

The ducks using in this dog food are organic and also collect and process by maintaining the high standard. These ducks are raised in organic frames of France. They specially bred to include in the Zignature dog food. Also, the duck meat, veggies, and fruits are added to this formula.

This food is enriched with protein as well as moisture. So, it’s easy to chew thoroughly and digest for your pet. Especially those are small mouthed dogs will quickly eat it. The food contains 8% crude protein and moderate 24% of crude carbohydrate with other essential food ingredients.

The Zignature Duck Dog Food provides a right amount of fiber. The food contains garden peas, chickpeas, etc. Also, they added some veggies and fruits like carrot, veggies, etc. this ingredient is a boost of vitamin, fiber, minerals that improve the digestion and metabolism system.

What we like:
  • It is completely out of soy, corn and potato stretch or any kind of grain.
  • The food is approved by AAFCO for the quality and nutrition.
  • Very useful for improving dog’s muscles condition healthier way.
  • No presence of artificial color or preservatives on this dog food.
  • An excellent option for those allergic or sensitive skinned dogs due to it’s out of grains or any chicken.
What we didn't like:
  • The price of the dog food is high.

The Zignature Duck Formula Dog Food could be a great alternative for dogs with specific food allergies. It’s ideal for every age and size of dogs and easy to digest.

Final words

Here we provided eight different Zignature dog food reviews, and each of them is uniquely for many reasons. We tried to provide all the necessary information as much we can. So you can decide which one is best according to your pet’s age, size, physical condition, and test. They have canned option for most of the formula so you can try them too in the occasion. One thing we should clear once again that Zignature is not an affordable food brand for some dog owner, it bites hard to afford.

To maintain the high standard, they need to fix a fair price that can relate to the expensive of making. So, we would say, if you want to try a safe and natural dog food you should try this one at least once. They are the best which can give immediate result after starting to feed. With these Zignature dog food review, you can choose the best dog foods easily. So, if you can afford it, you should consider having the Zignature dog food for sure.


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