Is Melatonin Safe for dogs? How much can they eat?

Many dog owners have a question “Is melatonin safe for dogs?” The answer is “yes”. Melatonin is a hormone that works to relieve insomnia. It is widely used by the vets to treat the dogs. It is helpful to remove the restlessness, noise anxieties, sleeplessness and some other disorders of the dogs. You cannot put the dog alone who is suffering from anxiety because he could break things, barking. Sometimes it can be a big problem for the dog owners. In this case, the owners of the dog will be happy to know that they can use melatonin as a natural remedy. You can find it in the nearby pharmacy. The perfect way to give melatonin to your dog is describing in this article.

Can I give melatonin to my dog?

Yes, it is safe to give melatonin to the dog. It is becoming popular to the dog owners because it is natural. The medicine has some good side effect during the training of the dog. Many of us try to give melatonin to our dogs at night so that they can sleep well. The new dog owner asks “Is melatonin safe for dogs?” The answer is always positive. Melatonin is always good for the dog. So, you can give melatonin to remove the stress of your dog. It is considered the anxiety medication for the dog.

Is melatonin safe for dogs

Is melatonin safe for dogs?

Though most of the pet owners like the melatonin for its’ natural properties, you, of course, should talk to the veterinarian before giving your dog melatonin. There are some side effects of melatonin. They are:

  • Itching
  • Increased heart bit
  • Fertility changes
  • Gastric

However, if the vet says you to give melatonin to your dog as a good option, you can give it to solve the sleep problem and anxieties.

How much melatonin is allowed to the dog?

To determine the correct doge of melatonin, you should take advice from your vet. Besides, the dosage depends on the size of the dog and his condition. The dosages are given bellow.

  • Under the 10 pounds dog: 1 ml
  • 10-20 pound dog: 1.5 ml
  • 20-100 pound dog: 3 ml
  • More than 100 pound: 3-6 ml

We know from some sources that it is better to start with the lowest amount. Besides, use the specific prescription. We do not like that our dogs suffer from anxiety or stress. So, in this case, we can give them melatonin by a prescription of a veterinarian.

How to give melatonin to the dog

If you want to give melatonin to your dog at home, you can choose the tablet form. It is easy to give as well as other tablets. Besides, you can give it with a tasty treat. There is also the injection version. The injection should give under the skin. To give the melatonin implant, take your dog to the vet to inject it.

Benefits of melatonin to the dog

We know the answer to the question “Is melatonin safe for dogs?” but what is the health benefit of melatonin to the dog? Of course, melatonin has some health benefits. I am describing them bellow.


We know from Dr. Marie Haynes who is a veterinarian in Canada that melatonin helps to reduce the anxiety of the dog. Many dogs suffer from anxiety. Some of them have the noise phobias. In this case, they become anxious when they heard the noise of thunderstorm, alarms, the sound of the vacuum cleaner, and some other sounds. Some dogs also have the phobia of riding the car. However, melatonin does good effects on all the anxieties and phobias. You can give your dog a melatonin dose before going any place where he feels anxiety.


Melatonin regulates the internal process of the body. It helps to correct the sleeping disorder. When your dog seems that it could not sleep well, you can start the melatonin doge because it lets the dog sleep well. Besides, melatonin corrects other behavior of the dog. Moreover, melatonin is an antioxidant which fights against the free radicals of the dog.

Cushing’s Disease

Many veterinarians prescribe melatonin as the treatment of Cushing disease. Cushing disease can cause by a tumor on the adrenal gland. The best treatment of this disease is surgery. Some drugs of Cushing disease cause some side effects such as diarrhea, kidney failure, vomiting. In this case, it is better to use melatonin which is the most helpful treatment.

For hair loss

When you see that your pet is losing hair, you can use the melatonin to solve it. The hair loss of the pet is called alopecia. The back hair is the common portion from where the hair losses rapidly. Melatonin helps to grow the hair and makes it thick. Besides, somebody uses melatonin during the winter to thicken the coat of their pets. Moreover, it will solve some skin problems.

Is melatonin safe for dogs

Over dose of melatonin

It is not impossible for your dog to take over dose of melatonin.  The small over dose can cause sleepiness but when the doge is larger there are some other problems. The over dose can be a serious problem. Over dose will cause the following problems.

  • Vomiting
  • Seizures
  • Diarrhea
  • Blood pressure

Melatonin is not suitable for all dogs. So, it is better to take advice from the veterinarian. The dogs who have allergies are not suitable to take melatonin. You also avoid giving melatonin to your younger puppy. Besides, the dog who is pregnant, do not allow her the melatonin.  So, always apply melatonin to the dog after taking the advice from the veterinarian.

Final Words

Finally, we can give the answer to the question, “Is melatonin safe for dogs health?” Melatonin is the natural hormone which helps the anxious and sleep-deprived dogs to come out from these problems with a relax mode. Though it is safe for the dog at the maximum time, try it after taking the advice from a vet.

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