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The Benefits of Air-Dried Dog Food

By Amie Hill / November 5, 2023

Air-Dried Dog Food is a diet food for dogs. Walking into your local pet store and looking down the dog food aisle can be overwhelming. All dog food brands promise that they offer your dog a balanced diet and all the vitamins and nutrients your pet needs. The truth of the matter is, most dog […]


How to Take Care of a Puppy? Tips and Guideline

By Amie Hill / November 3, 2023

Once a good time is when your home arrival of a new family member and that is a cute puppy. However, when your new puppy arrives at your home, The new puppy is certainly feeling unfamiliar with a new environment and feel lost of comfort together with the parent. So, you need to know how to take […]


How To Train A Cat To Use The Toilet? Easy Ways

By Amie Hill / November 1, 2023

Anyone who has ever had to clean a litter box can tell you exactly how smelly they can get. It is the type of smell that is unmistakable and is a clear indicator to anyone entering your house that you have a feline companion. This is one of the reasons that some owners choose to […]


Can Dogs Eat Cantaloupe? How Much It Safe For Dogs?

By Amie Hill / October 27, 2023

Many dog lovers are in doubt that “Can Dogs Eat Cantaloupe“! The answer is positive, yes, dogs can eat cantaloupe. But you must remember that the amount of cantaloupe should not be extreme. But giving dogs a large amount of it can cause disease for them. Having some benefits, cantaloupe has some bad effects also. […]


Is Melatonin Safe for dogs? How much can they eat?

By Amie Hill / September 30, 2023

Many dog owners have a question “Is melatonin safe for dogs?” The answer is “yes”. Melatonin is a hormone that works to relieve insomnia. It is widely used by the vets to treat the dogs. It is helpful to remove the restlessness, noise anxieties, sleeplessness and some other disorders of the dogs. You cannot put the […]


Can Dogs Eat Honey? Is it Safe for Your Dogs?

By Amie Hill / September 25, 2023

Honey is the sweetest gift from nature. We all love honey and use it every day in our diet. Honey is not only good in taste but also have medicinal properties which improve our health. But what do you do when your fluffy dog crave for honey? The first question that might come to your […]

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