How To Train A Cat To Use The Toilet? Easy Ways

Anyone who has ever had to clean a litter box can tell you exactly how smelly they can get. It is the type of smell that is unmistakable and is a clear indicator to anyone entering your house that you have a feline companion. This is one of the reasons that some owners choose to toilet train their cats. Today, we will discuss how to train a cat to use the toilet perfectly.

So, You need to train your cat to use the toilet. So you must know how to train a cat to use the toilet that will help you to train your cat. In the article, you can know how to train your cat to use the litter box.

How To Potty Train a Cat

Why Need Cat Toilet Training?

There are many reasons for cat training like potty or use toilet. Firstly, this eliminates the need for a litter box and costly litter. A cat who does his business in the toilet does not create the smell problem of a cat using a litter box. Also, you do not have to constantly scoop the box or do the monthly litter box scrubs that owners who do not toilet train their cats have to do. Nobody who comes into your home will even know you have a cat unless they see him.

How to train a cat to use the toilet?

At this point, you are likely wondering exactly how one goes about training a cat to use the toilet. How do you go about having your precious cat using a litter box on the floor to actually leaping up and straddling the toilet? There are a few steps to this process, and it takes some weeks. Also, it is not an easy process. A cat’s natural inclination is to eliminate waste and then dig and bury it so there may be many accidents at first.

Step One:

The first step in “How To Potty Train a Cat” is to designate a bathroom for your cat to use. This should be a bathroom that is easily accessible to the cat. If you have multiple cats, this bathroom should not be one that will cause your cat to have to trek through another cat’s territory to reach as this can make the cat quite uncomfortable and toilet training is a tricky enough process on its own. Move the cat’s litter box into the designated bathroom if it isn’t already and leave it there for a couple of weeks so that your cat gets used to the location.

how to train a cat for toilet

Step Two:

When your cat is used to the new location of their litter box, you can begin the second step of training. Start by raising the litter box to the height of the toilet rim. You can do this using a stack of old newspapers or cardboard.. Raise the box three inches at a time. Again, wait a couple of weeks to allow your feline time to acclimate.

Step three:

When your cat is comfortable jumping to the litter box on the stack of newspapers, you can move on to step three, use of a training seat. A training seat is a small device that sits over your toilet bowl. In the center is a small indentation that you fill with flushable litter. As the cat gets accustomed to eliminating waste into this litter, you cut larger and larger holes into the training seat, or change out the litter trays depending on the model of training seat you are using. Eventually, your cat will learn to eliminate directly into the toilet. Be sure to wait a few weeks between each tray change, however, and expect accidents as your cat learns what is expected of him.

Final Words

Cat toilet training is a lengthy process. If you are not organized or are busy, it will not work for you. Also, toilet training should be avoided for cats who are under six months of age, are skittish or have difficulties using a regular litter box. Cats with joint conditions are not good candidates for toilet training as they may have difficulties reaching the toilet seat. Though toilet training is a time-consuming and sometimes frustrating process, it is worth it in the end. You will never have to scoop a litter box again, never have to buy costly litter, and your cat will be able to use a toilet just like you. Just follow these steps for how to train a cat to use the toilet and start training your cat.

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