How to Take Care of a Puppy? Tips and Guideline

Once a good time is when your home arrival of a new family member and that is a cute puppy. However, when your new puppy arrives at your home, The new puppy is certainly feeling unfamiliar with a new environment and feel lost of comfort together with the parent. So, you need to know how to take care of a puppy without its mother. With some puppy health care tips, you can take care of your puppy easily.

In the early arrival of your new puppy in your home, try to constantly accompany. So that your puppy does not feel afraid and stress. Because puppy does not become familiar with the new environment and needs you to help. Several things must be done when the dog arrives at your home, so your little dog can adapt well to the new environment.

How to Take care of a puppy? Tips

If you take a new puppy at your home, you should know how to take care of newborn puppies because it will help you to understand yourself. See details in below:


First of all, you should do to make the process of socialization of your dog, do it gently to introduce your dog to its new environment and teach your puppy to interact with humans and other animals. Talk with your puppy in a soft voice to express friendship.

how to take care of newborn puppies

Free from stress

Try to keep your dog does not feel stress, avoid loud noises suddenly, like the sound of firecrackers or slamming doors. At first, limit the number of people who come into contact with your puppy, because it will make it feel scared and uncomfortable. Gradually familiarize your puppy to recognize many faces around your home. Do not allow children to disturb your puppy while resting or sleeping.


To provide comfort to your puppy, provide a warm bed and cozy. To care your new puppy, put your puppy to bed and not a lot of distractions. Your puppy will probably cry during the first night without a parent, the radio sound with low volume or the sound of a ticking clock will make it feel better.

Safety for your dog

Similarly, when welcoming the arrival of a baby in your house, you must be busy cleaning the house from various forms of threat to infants or children to come. Similarly, the arrival of your new puppy, consider the safety of your puppy.

  1. Clear up all hazardous materials (chemicals and toxic).
  2. Make the electrical cables that can not be touched by the bite of puppy.
  3. Make sure the puppy can not get into dustbin.
  4. Do not leave food wrapped in plastic or foil which can be reached by puppy.
  5. Be careful with the plants in your home and outside the home.
  6. Avoid cigarette ash because it can damage the eyes and skin your puppy.
  7. Watchful when running the car in the garage of your home.
  8. Make sure the puppy can not pass through fence.

Take care your puppy at home

In addition there are some pet tips you need to know how to take care of a puppy:

Dog infection

Some dog infection can be transmitted to humans, such as rabies; intestinal parasites such as roundworm, hookworm, and tapeworm. Leptospirosis and other bacterial infections such as Campylobacter and Salmonella, as well as fungal infections (ringworm):

Things must be done to prevent the spread of infection:

  1. Avoid contamination of urine or dirt of your dog.
  2. Always wash your hands after handling dog.
  3. Do not let the dog lick your face.
  4. Do not eat food that have been licked by dog.
House rules

Puppy is one of the group members of your family. You must teach your dog that you are the leader of the group. After the puppy knows where he will be easier to be trained and obey your command as a group leader who will protect and make the decision for it.

You must teach your puppy about the rules in the house, such as not to be wasting water and dirt recklessly or carelessly biting objects. Later, after able to understand and comply with the rules in your house, you can start teaching basic commands such as sit, silent, shake hands, lie down, here, follow, etc. Puppy can learn very quickly from the age of eight weeks. In general, puppies obey in exchange for food or toys they like.

how to take care of a puppy when you work

Food and water

By providing a diet to your puppy for a few days in particular and the balance will prevent digestive problems in your dog, which usually affects such as a hunger strike. Make sure the water is clean and always fresh. Bowl of stainless metal or clay will make the water cooler.


Puppy loves to play. Playing with other dogs is the way they learn to compete to become more dominant in the group and also can train their physical. But they must first realize that reliably dominant or as a group leader.

Puppies are also very happy to bite various objects because it can help in the process of dentition and also because that was the way they learn their environment, that’s why sometimes puppy bite your hand. However, if excessive, it means that your puppies are experiencing boredom or stress. Make them satisfy by providing toys, bones or objects that can be used as a toy. However, make sure that:

  1. Made from safe materials
  2. Toys in large size so it can not be swallowed
  3. Do not resemble the objects that you do not want to chew by your puppy. Example, do not give used shoes as toys for your puppy, because someday your puppy will also bite your new shoes.

Limit your puppy in a narrow area of your home until your puppy already trained to pee or poop in places you teach (soil, grass or paper). Once your puppy trained about that, you can give freedom in the house to your liking. The dog naturally has its territory and does not take long to recognize the limits of its own territory. Therefore, make sure that your home yard is always closed so that your puppy can not get out of your home area or region.

Final Words

All above are some tips to care your new puppy, may be useful for you and your puppy. It is very important to take care of a new puppy because they are not familiar with you and your home. So if you know how to take care of a puppy, you can train and make a friend of your dog easily.

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