How To Take Care of a Kitten & Teacup Cat: Top 7 Tips

The kitten or cats are very lovable and adorable creatures. Cat owners get very attached to their cats and vice versa. However, there is something a cat owner would love than their own cat. Teacup cats are a miniature sized cat. Sounds amazing right? But you should know how to take care of a kitten and cats because without it, you cannot take care your kittens.

The Kitten and Teacup Cats are regular cats and have all the proportions of a regular cat, but they are quite smaller. A male teacup cat would weight about 7 pounds, compared to the regular cat that weighs 17 pounds. Same goes for the female teacup cats.

The difference between them a regular sized female cat would be about 10 pounds too. The genetic mutation that results in a teacup cat is extremely rare. For this reason, the teacup cats breeding is quite difficult and time-consuming. It also has its own share of problems.

How To Take Care of a cat

How To Take Care of a kitten: 7 Tips

Here some useful tips for how to take care of a kitten and cats which can help you to keep your cat more healthy and friendly. See details in below:

#1: Make sure you cats has its own space

You need to provide your cat with a space of its own. You can purchase a kitty box or make one out of cardboard. Don’t forget to put blankets and pillows in the box to make sure your cat is well heated and comfortable. Kitten or cats are frailer and more fragile as compared to regular sized cats, which is why they need more warmth and protection.

#2: Keep it well fed

When you own a regular sized cat, you have many options when it comes to feeding your pet. There are many high and low-quality products in the market which you can feed your cat with. However, when it comes to teacup cats, only buy the best quality food for them.

Teacup cats, being frailer and weaker, need more protein as compared regular sized cats. Make sure to check protein and what amount of energy your cat will be getting the product. It is important to make sure the product you are purchasing is best suited for your cat. Don’t hesitate to involve your vet in making this decision. Feed your cat about 3-4 times a day.

#3: Keep your teacup cat hydrated

Teacup cats need more protein and energy because of their small bodies. Similarly, they also need to be kept hydrated throughout the day. Keep a shallow bowl for your kitten so that it can reach it and drink easily. With these tips, you can know how to take care of newborn kittens and cats.

#4: Potty train your cat early

This piece of advice applies to all pet owners. Potty training your kitten or cat from the start can help make a habit out of it. Make sure you fill the box with litter and set your cat there for 5-6 times a day. Keep doing this for a couple of weeks to enforce the habit.

#5: Protect your kittens

Being smaller in size, it is easier for someone to not notice your cat and hurt them unintentionally. When you host parties or have a lot of people over, make sure you keep the cat in your presence or keep them in a safe room. A small fall or incident could lead to a big injury, so it is wise not to invest in a teacup cat if you have small children or other larger pets.

How To Take Care of a Kitten

#6: Take care of their health

Cats require a lot of attention. You need to focus on their habits and health very closely. You might feel that focusing on their habits would seem a little too much effort, but it is necessary. Cats mostly have flat faces. That makes them more prone to respiratory problems. Keep an eye out for runny eyes, any coughing or wheezing or anything you feel is making your teacup cat uncomfortable.

Kitten can also be affected by fungal infections and Polycystic Kidney Disease. Polycystic Kidney Disease is a kidney disorder which is caused by a lack of protein in your teacup cats’ diet. Some symptoms of Polycystic Kidney Disease are a loss of appetite, bad breath or blood in urine.

#7: Love your kitten cat

It goes without saying that you need to love your teacup cat as much as you can. They are gentle creatures so treat them with security and care. If your teacup cat gets too lonely, they can feel isolated and even get depressed. You need to give your teacup cats ample time and love to keep them happy.

Final Words

Kitten or Teacup cats are one of the most adorable creatures you will find in the world. They are miniature cats who are adorable. However, because of their small size, these cats need extra care and affection. They need to be fed very particular food and kept hydrated throughout the day. So, you should know about how to take care of a kitten and teacup cats.

Their habits need to be studied because they are prone to respiratory problems that are difficult to notice. The cats may be a lot of work, but ultimately they make you a more responsible individual. They are amazing and adorable creatures, and they will be worth the effort.

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