Can dogs eat orange? Is it good or bad for your dog?

If you want to give some fruits to your dog you can think for “Can dogs eat orange?” The answer is here and it is “yes”. Though all fruits and veggies are not good for the dogs, you can share oranges occasionally with your dog. Oranges contains a lot of vitamin C, fiber and others. Though do can produce vitamin C, there are some other benefits of the orange.

Health benefits of orange to your dog

Orange contains nutrients but it is low in sodium. It is a healthy snack. If you want to give your dog oranges, try with a small amount and watch its’ stomach condition. If you see any unusual behavior, then stoop feeding orange. Orange contains vitamin C, potassium, vitamin A, magnesium, fiber and natural sugar. Natural sugar is not good for dog’s health. Vitamin C that contains in orange is a helpful to protect other diseases. It is very good for your pets.

If you give your dog healthy food diet, then additional foods or fruits are not necessary. The ascorbic acid prevents the liver damage. Some dogs cannot produce enough vitamin C for their liver when they get older. For these dogs, vitamin C is essential. Besides, orange contains a lot of potassium. Potassium is the mineral that is good to improve the heart function.  Low level of potassium can cause Arrhythmia. Orange is a natural remedy to remove cholesterol form your dog. High cholesterol causes Hyperlipidemia. In this case, low fat and high fiber is recommended. Oranges contain soluble fiber. Learn more about “Can Dogs Eat Raspberries”.

can dogs eat orange

How much orange can your dog eat?

The question “Can dogs eat orange?” is now clear to you but how match can your dog eats? You of course give your dog oranges but not a big amount. Most of us try to keep our dogs in diet. Oranges contain sugar. If you continuously give orange to your dog, it can get addicted to sugar which is not good. Moreover, orange can cause diarrhea to your dog when it eats too much. You can give a few slice of orange to your dog.

You can take suggestion from a professional veterinarian. If your dog behaves differently after taking some oranges, then do not allow it to eat oranges. If you see that your dog seems good after taking a few slices of oranges then you can give you some of it occasionally. A large dog can eat one whole orange a day. But small one can eat one third of it. Overall, it is better to give them one or two slice.

When orange bad for your dog?

We can give the answer to the question Can dogs eat orange? that yes it can. But it is not same to your dog which has diabetes because oranges contain vitamin C and sugar which affect the blood values of your dog.  So keep your dog away from orange which is suffering from diabetes.

Besides, during the puppy age of your dog, the dog needs special diet. As oranges contain acid, it can increase the acidity level of your puppy. Even, oranges can cause the digestive problems to your adult dog. It is better to take suggestion from a veterinarian.

Can dogs eat orange peels and seeds?

Dog can eat oranges but what about peels and seeds? Though orange peel is nutritious and good for human, we cannot recommend your dog the orange peel.  Orange peel is very difficult for the dog to consume. It also contains a lot of vitamin C and sugar which is harmful to a diabetic dog. Moreover, it can cause gastrointestinal upset. The peels can contain pesticide and chemicals which is also harmful.

can dogs eat orange

So, remove the orange peel before giving orange to your dog. Like other seeds, orange seeds contain cyanide but not a lot. So, take out the seeds and then give the orange to your dog because it can cause toxicity problem.

Tips of giving orange to your dog

The answer of the most common question Can dogs eat orange? is positive but there are some ways to feed orange to your dog. You can give your small dog 1/3 of a orange, and a whole orange to a large dog.  If you give orange to your dog at the first time, give one or two slice and wait for 24 hours. Don’t give any more if you find any unusual behavior. Moreover, avoid the seeds and peels while giving orange to your dog.

After all, orange is an acidic fruit. Your dog can eat orange but give a small amount. Though orange is a good source of vitamin C, dogs do not need extra vitamin C. You can just give orange to your dog if it likes to take the taste. I think the question “Can dogs eat orange?” is clear to you.If you want to give some mango for your dog, please read the Can dogs eat mango article.

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