Can Dogs Eat Honey? Is it Safe for Your Dogs?

Honey is the sweetest gift from nature. We all love honey and use it every day in our diet. Honey is not only good in taste but also have medicinal properties which improve our health. But what do you do when your fluffy dog crave for honey? The first question that might come to your mind is Can Dogs Eat Honey? Don’t worry we have answers for your questions.

In this article, you will get all information about feeding honey to dogs and risks associated with it. Hopefully, after reading our article, you can satisfy your dog’s taste.

Can dogs eat honey?

Honey is equally beneficial for dogs as it is for a human. Honey is safe for dogs but in smaller quantity. Even some good quality dog foods contain Honey. Honey contains nutrients and vitamins that are good for our furry’s health. More than prescribed quantity can affect your dog’s health. Honey shouldn’t be given to dogs with low immune and puppies. You should be careful while buying honey for your dog, as low quantity honey can harm your furry.

Can Dogs Eat Honey

What should be the quantity?

The prescribed amount of honey that should be given to dogs is a teaspoon honey per day. Since it has about 82 % carbohydrates and fructose ( sugar), it is suggested to give it in limited quantity.

Benefits of giving honey to your dogs

Honey is good for our health. But it’s good for our dogs also. It has many advantages. Let’s check them out.

1. Improves Digestion

Honey is good for dog’s digestive system. It contains enzymes which are good for our dogs. It acts as a probiotic for our fluffy. Dogs can easily digest honey. Moreover, honey helps in reducing bad bacteria.

3. Helps in Allergies

If your dog is suffering from allergies, honey could be a good medicine for your dogs. Honey helps in alleviating the allergies especially seasonal ones.

4. Energy Booster

Honey being a natural antioxidant provides instant energy to our dogs. If your dog is feeling tired during his training or play time, one teaspoon honey will give him energy instantly. The sugar content of honey get absorbed in blood easily and hence, gives energy readily. Whereas, other food takes time.

4. Rich Source of vitamins and minerals

Honey is a rich source of vitamins. It will nourish your dog’s health. It contains vitamin A, B-Complex, D, E and vitamin K. Talking about minerals; it has iodine, phosphorus, calcium, silicon, magnesium, sulfur.

5. Helps in absorbing calcium

Honey is helpful in absorbing calcium in dog’s body. When you give honey and milk together to your dogs, it helps their body to absorb the calcium of milk, which naturally strengthens their bones.

Can Puppies eat Honey? Here Answer

If you have a question can your puppy eat honey, then the answer is No. You should not give honey to your Puppies. Puppies have weaker immune system hence honey is not recommendable to them.

Is it safe for all dogs?

Honey have too many benefits, but it is always recommended to consult a vet before giving it to your dogs. It can be harmful to dogs having cancer and diabetic dogs. Hence you should avoid giving honey to them.
Another precaution to take is always given honey in small quantity, i.e., one tablespoon. Honey can cause obesity in dogs and tooth decay. So more quantity can harm your friend. Always brush your dog’s teeth to prevent them from cavities and decay.

How can you give honey to your dogs?

Having a sweet taste, it won’t be a problem for you to give it your dog. Here are some ways you can feed your fluffy.
1- You can directly give them honey through spoon. As its sweet, they would love it.
2- Whenever, you want to give medicine to your dogs, honey is the best way to make them eat that medicine. You can mix medicine and honey so that your dogs can eat them.
3- Another way of feeding honey is to mix it in your dog’s food (only if it won’t make the taste bad).

Best Type of honey for your dogs

Raw honey is best and recommended for your dogs. Often, dog owners feed them processed honey, which is not at all good for dogs and won’t give the desired health benefits.

Processed honey is first treated chemically, therefore is not good for your fluffy’s health. Raw honey is best for dog’s consumption which helps in preventing them from several allergies.

There are different types of honey available throughout the world. One of the best of its kind is Manuka. Manuka honey is New Zealand’s honey. It is rich in minerals and vitamins. The best manuka is with 10 or above 10 UMF ratings.

Preserving honey for your dogs

How you preserve honey? Some of you keep it in refrigerators whereas some keep it on shelves. Right? If you’re one of those who keep honey in refrigerators, you should stop doing so. The refrigerator is too cold in temperature which makes honey too thick. Normal thinking is keeping it in refrigerators could enhance honey’s shelf life. No, it isn’t like that. It won’t improve its life instead it will make thick n difficult to consume especially for your dogs.
Honey should be kept at room temperature. Too high or too cold temperature can ruin your honey by making it unusable.

Some More information About Homey

1. Can dogs eat honeydew?
Yes, honeydew is good for dogs. But, don’t give it to you diabetic dog. Only a few bites should be given to your dogs.

2. Can dogs eat honey roasted peanuts?
Simply, No. Roasted peanuts and honey is not a good combination for your dog’s health.

3. Can dogs eat honey wheat bread?
No, you shouldn’t give your dogs wheat bread. But you can rarely feed them.

4. Can dogs eat honey ham?
Never, ham being salty is not good for your dogs. So never give it to your dog as it may be dangerous for them, can cause different disease and even death.

Final Words

Honey is good for our dogs but always in limited quantity. It has minerals and vitamins. Additionally, it prevents allergies and growth of harmful bacteria in dog’s digestive system. Therefore, it would be the best gift for your buddy. We would recommend you to consult your regular vet before trying any food for your dogs.

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