Can Dogs Eat Cantaloupe? How Much It Safe For Dogs?

Many dog lovers are in doubt that “Can Dogs Eat Cantaloupe“! The answer is positive, yes, dogs can eat cantaloupe. But you must remember that the amount of cantaloupe should not be extreme. But giving dogs a large amount of it can cause disease for them. Having some benefits, cantaloupe has some bad effects also. There are many fruits like lettuce, orange etc that can dogs eat.

So, the owners can give their dogs a little and the permitted amount of cantaloupe in moderation. The right way of feeding cantaloupe can be healthier for dogs. It is a juicy fresh fruit for dogs. And in summer days, dogs like to eat cantaloupe a lot. But you only have to be careful of the amount and feeding way.

What Is Cantaloupe?

Cantaloupe is a juicy fruit especially available in summer. It is a kind of melon with attractive flavor. It contains Vitamin A 78%, Vitamin C 30%, Potassium 12%, Magnesium 5%, Fiber 5% and Vitamin K 4%. A large amount of water in it helps recover body freshness.

There is an abundance of antioxidants in cantaloupes. Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and beta-Carotene are very helpful for eyesight. Dogs’ digestive capacity is much stronger than humans. With all these nutrients of cantaloupe, dogs can easily produce vitamin C on their own.

Can dogs eat cantaloupe?

The answer to the question “Can dogs eat cantaloupe?” is positive. You can give your dog the cantaloupe. It is totally safe for the dogs. Moreover, it is the healthy treat for the dogs and cats during the summer. It is a non-toxic fruit for your pet.

Can Dogs Eat Cantaloupe

Benefits of Cantaloupe for Better Eyesight of Dogs

Cantaloupe is very healthy for dogs for its variety of nutrients. Besides, it makes the vision of dogs better. A slice of cantaloupe can be more useful for sharper vision. Its beta-Carotene helps makes the eyesight much clearer and keeps it same for long. It can also be very effective for old dogs for removing their aching pains.

Anti-Inflammatory Ingredients in Cantaloupe

Cantaloupe possesses anti-inflammatory agents that help dogs enjoy running, jumping and other activities. It helps build their muscles and joints. Certain dog breeds such as German Shepherds or Pembroke Welsh Corgis can also enjoy the slice of cantaloupe regularly. Other anti-inflammatory property includes broccoli and cherries.

Cantaloupe for Healthy Dog Heart

From the nutritional chart, we can see that cantaloupes contain a sizable amount of Potassium. In fact, a cup of cantaloupe gives us about 12% of our recommended daily value. Potassium is very helpful for good heart health. This electrolyte mineral helps improve the heart function of your dog. In the case of dog’s irregular heartbeats called Arrhythmia, cantaloupe recovers the lacked amount of Potassium. Undoubtedly, it is very much necessary for dog heart.

How to Feed Cantaloupe to A Dog?

Serving cantaloupe or muskmelon to a dog needs some processes. It has to be sliced and scooped before feeding. The outer skin of cantaloupe may cause bacteria attack. It has to be in small pieces for dogs’ easy and healthy eating. Besides, the bacteria or pesticide of the outer skin may harm your hands too.  So, you have to be careful.

Be Careful of Seeds and Rind

You should never feed your dog the seeds or rind of the cantaloupe. The seeds contain poisonous elements. The rind also harms the digestive process. In addition, the seeds have cyanide that is injurious in large amount. It may lead to serious health problems.

Smaller Pieces Are Required

For feeding cantaloupe, you should cut it into smaller pieces. It helps dogs to digest easily. Large pieces may cause constipation and other digestive problems. And you have to keep in mind that a lot of cantaloupes are very harmful to your dog. You have to give your dog one or two pieces at a time. A little amount is helpful in every way for dogs. Otherwise, diarrhea or allergy might also happen.

Side Effects of Cantaloupe for Dogs

Though we can easily say yes to the question “Can dogs eat cantaloupe?”, too much of cantaloupe can hamper the regular normal life of your dog. Your dog may fall in illness. Digestive problems, constipation, the liver problem may also occur. Especially the seeds are responsible for it. Many pet lovers don’t remember this thing. You must remember that no seed or rind might get into your dog’s stomach. Bigger pieces of cantaloupe are also the hindrance in the way of eating.

You have to keep in mind that high sugar in cantaloupe can be responsible for diabetes to your dog. It also disturbs the whole digestive system. For this, you have to be aware all the time. So, seeds free and smaller pieces of cantaloupe are preferable for the dog.

Can Dogs Eat Cantaloupe

Cantaloupe Dog Treat Recipe

Looking for another way to get your dog to enjoy eating cantaloupes? Try this recipe for a Liver Cantaloupe Dog Treat. It may seem odd to have a dog treat made from cantaloupe but your dog will love this.

This cantaloupe dog treat will take you less than an hour to whip out. Your dog will love you for it. This dog treat recipe is courtesy of the Doggy Dessert Chef.

Ingredients: Half a pound of beef liver (cooked and chopped), 1 cup of pureed cantaloupe, 2 Teaspoon of parmesan cheese, half cup of water, 1 cup of spent grain flour.

Directions: Preheat the oven to about 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Line the baking sheet with a silicone baking mat.Mix the beef liver, cantaloupe, Parmesan cheese and water thoroughly until you get a puree.Now, mix the spent grain flour in a large bowl with the wet puree you just made. Mix them thoroughly.Pat the dough onto the baking mat until you get a flat half inch thick paste.Use a knife or pizza cutter to make grids.Place on the baking sheet and put into the oven for 10 to 15 minutes.Break into pieces and let the treats cool in the fridge.Treat your dog! Enjoy.

Final Words

Finally, we can say to the answer of the question “Can dogs eat cantaloupe?” It is the safe fruit for your dog. Cantaloupe has a great appeal in summer. Dogs are permitted to eat cantaloupe but in moderation. Without any harm, all the nutrition can be gained by maintaining the major requirements in mind. Thus, your dogs can get proper benefit from cantaloupe. You can also find the pet supplies for your dogs, cats. So, you will get proper healthy foods for your pets.

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