Can Dogs Eat Bread? Is It Safe For The Dogs Stomach?

Many dog owners search for the answer to the question “Can dogs eat bread?” The answer may be that, you can give your dog a small amount of bread which is safe for him. The dog does not need the food habit such as a human. But a balanced diet is always good for them. If you have a dog, you can give him the human foods which are suitable for him occasionally. You may think that your dog can eat a piece of bread. But bread contains some toxic elements which can cause harm to your dog. You will able to know all things about bread and dogs.

Can dogs eat bread?

Yes, you can give some bread that is safe to your dog. You should be conscious that the types of bread. You need not feed your dog as many carbohydrates as the human needs.  But it is not that bread is safe for the dogs. Bread does not contain as many minerals and fiber. So, it is not nutritious. The vets recommend the dog owners to give a small portion of wheat bread.

Carbohydrate is good for the body because it bursts the quick energy. You find the complex carbohydrates in the grain foods. Besides, simple carbohydrates are in the white bread. Too much simple carbohydrates make weight gain. So, too much bread is not good for the dogs. When you offer your dog bread, it will be very glad to have it. So, do not give bread to your dog regularly. Besides, keep away your dog from cinnamon bread, garlic bread, and onion bagels.

The bread that dog can eat

Instead of white bread, the whole grain bread is the best type of bread for your dog. The whole grain bread is good for your dog health because it contains complex carbohydrates. In whole grain bread, there is a decent amount of fiber which helps the dog to digest it. If your dog does not tolerate the gluten, give the gluten-free bread to your dog. Besides, you can give the pumpkin bread. He must love it. It is safe for your dog.

Can dogs eat bread

How much bread is good for the dog?

The answer to the question “can dogs eat bread?” is, of course, they can. But how much they can eat? Plain white and wheat bread are good for the dog. Besides, it usually does not cause stomach upset. But you cannot provide them as much as a human being. You can give bread as the treat and give it when he is in a balanced diet and does plenty of exercises. Bread does not contain nutrients.

To keep your dog safe and sound and to make sure that bread does not cause any harm in the stomach, give him only a few bits of bread from a loaf. A small piece as a treat is safe for the dog. You cannot give a whole loaf of bread to your dog because it can cause bloating and some dangerous health damages.

The risk of eating bread of the dogs

Though bread is not toxic for the human, it sometimes can be toxic for the dog. So, you need to know the risks of giving bread to your dog. If your dog has no allergy to the wheat, you can give the plain wheat bread which will not hurt your dog. But all the breads are not harmless. Some contain toxic elements which are so harmful to the dogs.

Bread contains raisins which is highly toxic. Bread contains it to bake well. We do not know why raisins cause harm to the dog. You cannot give your dog the bread which has raisins even as a treat. Some bread contains garlic. Garlic is toxic to the dog. So, garlic bread can cause serious side effect such as pain, diarrhea, collapse, etc. The breads which contain nuts or seeds as the flavor can make problems for dog. Besides, bread that contains Xylitol is harmful to the dog. It is one kind of sweetener which is now a common to make food. So, check the ingredients of the bread before giving it to your dog.

Is bread dough is safe for the dog?

Though the answer to the question “Can dogs eat bread?” is positive, the answer to the question “Can dogs eat bread dough?” is obviously “No”. We use yeast to make the bread dough. The yeast is toxic for the dog because it releases the ethanol into the bloodstream of the dog. The dough will rise inside the stomach and it will cause bloating which is really dangerous.  So, your dog can start vomiting or even sometimes can go to coma. You can find the following symptoms of the ethanol toxicosis of bread dough in your dog.

  • Gas
  • Vomiting
  • Loss of coordination
  • Unusual bladder
  • Depression
  • Weakness
  • Lethargy

If your dog eats bread dough, take him instantly to the veterinarian for his treatment.

Can dogs eat bread

Types of bread that are dangerous to dogs

You can buy bread from the market or make it at home. To make the bread you may use different ingredients such as yeast, sweet, butter, garlic or others. Plain wheat bread is okay for your dog. But the muffins which contain a lot of sugar are not good for your dog. Even the chocolate or milk muffins are more dangerous. The bread that is covered with cheese or other flavored ingredients should be avoided. Besides, the garlic bread or the bread contains onion powder is also bad for dog’s health.

Final Words

we see that we can answer yes to the question “Can dogs eat bread“. But it is not good for your dog to give him a large amount of bread. Besides, some bread is more toxic for the dogs. Always avoid the bread dough and the bread which does not dog friendly. Homemade bread is better for the dogs. So, you can give the homemade safe bread to your dog occasionally.

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