Can Cats Eat Popcorn? Is It Good or Bad?

If you have a cat and there is a common question among cat lovers that can cats eat popcorn, here your answer is “Yes”. When you are sitting on a couch enjoying a movie, your loved cat comes and sits with you. You cannot even know when it came and what it is doing. After hearing the crunchy sound you see that your feline friend is also enjoying the movie with popcorn. It is a fact that Popcorn for Cats is safe or not. The solution is your cat can eat popcorn but in a little amount and of course in moderation.

Can Cats Eat Popcorn?

Many cat lovers are in hesitation if they can feed popcorn to their cats or not. The answer is yes. Your cats can eat popcorn but only in moderation. You have to keep in mind that cats cannot tolerate a large amount of popcorn as it is not favorable for animals. You have to keep in mind that cats’ digestive system is not much stronger. Home made fresh popcorn is safe for cats.

Otherwise, it may upset the stomach of your cat. Besides, corn is a starched based grain and heavy in carbohydrates. Cats do not have a biological need for grain. In fact, cats do not produce the necessary enzymes, (amylase) in their saliva to properly digest carbohydrates in this form. So, cat lovers should be very conscious of it.

Can cats eat popcorn

Ingredients in Popcorn

Popcorn includes a little quantity of nutrition. It is properly ready without salt. You may add flavorings and kernels to popcorn before giving it to the cat. Though the answer is positive if you ask can cats eat popcorn? Only the natural flavored popcorn is safe. Otherwise, your cat will face serious problems.

The body and internal system of cat are considered to take out the nutrition required from animal protein sources. Their bodies can hardly have the capacity to take nutrients from plant base foods. They only can extract nutrients from plain corns. Popcorn contains the fiber which is good for the digestive system of cats. However, their tiny bodies only require a small amount of fiber. It usually extracts this requirement from meat.  Meat is a favorable food for them to digest. So, in the matter of popcorn, the needed amount is easy to get from a little amount.

How to Serve Popcorn to Cats?

For giving popcorn to your cat, you have to be very sensitive. You should serve popcorn as fresh as possible. Less salt and fewer ingredients are preferable for your cat health. Popcorns may add extra or artificial flavor. But this flavored corn will harm much. You should avoid salt and all types of popcorn seasoning. Too much salt in a cat’s diet causes high blood pressure. Various other health complications including heart failure might also happen.

Popcorn flavorings are extremely high in fat and calories. That is why it is a big no for cats. The fats and calories can cause obesity too. Cats might also suffer from diabetes and it could be fatal.Popcorn made by yourself is healthy for your cat. Artificial popcorn containing salt, sugar, and calories might be very dangerous. This may not be entirely safe. In fact, some of these low-fat stores bought popcorns contain an artificial sweetener called Xylitol. It is very dangerous for your cat. It is poisonous to them.

In order to be on the safe side, you should avoid giving your cat sugar. In a nutshell, popcorn has to be served to your cat free of all salt, flavorings and all artificial additives. You should also refrain from feeding your cat popcorn with toppings. This might be butter and cheese as well. What is good or harmless to you, could be dangerous to your cat. So remember avoiding any type of toppings for the betterment of your cat.

Side Effects of Popcorns for Cats

Naturally made popcorn does not contains the artificial flavors, salt or toppings. It is fully safe for your cat. However, like some other foods in your cat’s diet, you should give it in moderation. If the cat has the allergy to popcorn, be more aware if your cat eats the popcorn. You should give your cat only one or two popcorns at first and observe its reaction.

Accordingly, you could take steps. If your cat has allergy to popcorn, you can see the symptoms after some hours or some days. So, you just need to wait patiently. You need to observe your cat all times. In the majority cases, the symptoms will appear within the first some hours after eating popcorn. You will find the symptoms such as diarrhea, scratching, etc.

cats can eat popcorn

Necessary Steps for Cats’ Illness Due to Popcorn

If your cat is ill due to eating popcorn, you would need to go behind the steps below. It will help you ensure that you acquire medical awareness for the cat immediately:

  1. Remain cool and do not fear. Do not hesitate to call a vet immediately.
  2. Make clear the symptoms that it is experiencing.
  3. Of course, go to vet with the cat.
  4. It is better to take a section of the cats stool or vomit. It will help test them if needed.
  5. Do what your vet suggests without thinking twice.

Things to Remember before Feeding Popcorn

You should be very careful of your cat’s diet. Before giving it popcorn or any food, you should inspect if it is safe for it or not. Salty, fatty, sweet, flavorings etc. are very harmful for cats. You must avoid giving these elements containing food to your cat. Popcorn is not very healthy for your cat. So, it is not necessary to give it corns daily. As popcorn has a little amount of fiber, it can be given but in moderation. But keep an eye on your cat if it is getting food without health value. Keeping popcorn away from cats is a safer way.

Final Words

Popcorn is a food for humans. It is not recommended to give it to cats. The answer to the question “Can cats eat popcorn” is positive. Popcorn for cats is safe normally. You just have to be more conscious and careful. I hope the above information is helpful for you in this regard.

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