Can Cats Eat Cheese? Is it safe or not?

The cat owner (who likes cheese) can ask the question “Can cats eat cheese?” Well, the answer is clearly no. Cheese is a tasty food all over the world. Its taste is amazing. Its power of adding taste to another food is much appealing.

Especially, in pasta, burger, pizza or any kind of fast food, it creates magical taste. It is not a suitable food for animals. Mainly their digestive system is not supportive to these kinds of food. However, you can feed a very little portion in moderation.

Can cats eat cheese? Here Answer

If you want to give your cat the cheese, it is not a good thinking because cheese is not a good food for cats. They need not cheese. Though milk is a natural food for the cats, as the milk made food, cheese is harmful to them. The veterinarians always tell the visitors not to give any cheese to their cats. It can cause the problem in the gastrointestinal systems. It is also a fatty food which will make your pet a pack on pounds.

You can only give a small amount of cheese very occasionally. You can also find some limited brands of cat foods where they mix a small amount of cheese to flavor the foods. So, it is the best answer to the question “Can cats eat cheese?” is “no”.

Can Cats Eat Cheese

Benefits of Cheese

Cheese is one kind of dairy product. It consists of milk, salt, and other sweetening elements. Not all the cats can eat cheese. But some can do so. If the stomach of your cat can tolerate cheese or any milky food item, you can feed these to your cat. Cheese contains an effective amount of protein. Of course, notice the amount is tolerable or not. Only in small dose basis, your cat can eat cheese. It also plays an important role in giving medicines. Moreover, the main cause of eating cheese is its pungent taste that attracts cats as well as humans very much.

Is cheese has any benefits to cats?

You can give cheese only your cat when you are sure that it can tolerate a little amount. Though cheese contains a large amount of protein, it is not so good for the cats. You can only give it to your cat to enjoy the taste.  Your cat may love cheese. It is a challenge for you to make the cat consume a tablet.

In this case, you can wrap the tablet with a small piece of cheese. It will be so easier for you to medicate your cat with cheese. Moreover, you make it as a special treat for your cat. So, you can save your cheese for the cats for several occasions. The food for the human has a little benefit for cats. You should feed your cat the real cat foods.

Demerits of Cheese for Cats

Cheese causes a very little benefit for cats. But the demerits are so many. Now I am going to show you the demerits of cheese for the cats.

Digestive Problem

Cheese is never a suggested food for cats. The main problem of cheese for cats is its lactose. Cats, as well as, most of the animals are lactose intolerant. This makes cats’ stomach upset. Actually, cats’ bodies don’t produce enough enzyme lactase to digest it. Besides, cheese or any dairy food contains sugar or glucose. Cats don’t have the digestive process to break the glucose. This causes diarrhea and other stomach problem to cats.


Another problem of feeding your cat cheese is its fatty ingredients. Cheese contains a lot of fat. And fat is very harmful to cats. Generally, cats form a habit of drinking milk from the very childhood. After a certain period of time, they start to eat solid food. In the meantime, their habit of producing lactase gets a habitual state. So, cats cannot digest the fat and glucose of cheese. This is also responsible for cats’ intolerable digestive system.


Extra consumption of cheese brings obesity to your cat. The fatty and glucose items make this obesity happen. Mainly, the taste of cheese draws the attraction of cats. But it has no real-time effectiveness for cats or any other animal. This also leads to a liver problem, arthritis, and diabetes. Sodium poisoning is also a possibility after eating cheese.

When you feed your cat too many slices of cheese, it starts to upset the stomach. Cheese is also a salty snack with 174 milligrams of sodium. Each small size contains this amount. The total amount of salt is about 400 milligram. It is ten times more than a cat’s sodium level normally tolerable. This also makes the bad happening for cats.

Can Cats Eat Cheese

Too salty

Another reason of avoiding cheese is its salt. The cats need around  21mg salt every day because high amount o f it is very dangerous for the health of the cat. Do not feed more than 42mg salt to your cat per day. But a small slice of cheese contains more than 174mg sodium. Definitely, it is too much salt for your cat. It can damage the kidney of your kitty. But cheese can attract your cat for its’ salty taste.  So, it is better to avoid cheese.

The animals like cats, cow, the dog need not eat milk. Because it is natural that they have the different food habit and they need not any human foods for their health.

Final Words

The answer to the question “Can cats eat cheese” is negative. As cats are very sensitive animals, they cannot bear any changes in the food habit. Cheese is not the natural food for cats. It will be good food if your cat can digest it properly. So, it seems that you can give a small portion of cheese to your cat. Cheese contains high calories and it is also so salty for cats. A tiny and small piece of cheese can cause a great harm to your cat.

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