The Benefits of Air-Dried Dog Food

Air-Dried Dog Food is a diet food for dogs. Walking into your local pet store and looking down the dog food aisle can be overwhelming. All dog food brands promise that they offer your dog a balanced diet and all the vitamins and nutrients your pet needs. The truth of the matter is, most dog food brands pack their products with fillers such as grains and corn. They contain very little meat or meat by-products, additives, preservatives, and even harmful ingredients that you wouldn’t want to give your dog.

With an air-dried dog food, you eliminate the guesswork of whether or not the food you’re giving your dog is right for them. With air-dried dog food there are simple ingredients on the label and most, if not all, of them, will be recognizable to you. Air-dried dog food like one from ZiwiPets is made from over 95% fresh meat, organs, bone, and seafood, while the remaining 5% consists of essential vitamins and minerals for a complete and balanced diet.

Benefits of Air-Dried Dog Food

What is Air-Dried Dog Food?

Air-drying is a technique that’s been used for centuries to preserve meats naturally. The beef or other protein goes through a process to remove moisture via evaporation without the addition of heat.

By air-drying the food, the proteins, vitamins, nutrients, and enzymes contained in the natural ingredients remain intact without the use of additives or preservatives. This process results in your dog retaining all of the nutritional benefits of a raw food diet. The flavor of the food becomes concentrated as the water is removed, creating a tasty meal for your pet.

ZiwiPeak uses a modern and refined twist on the centuries-old technique by taking a hands-on, artisanal approach. Each of there recipes is made in small batches and placed in slow, gentle air-dryers, which consists of two stages. The air-drying process eliminates pathogenic bacteria such as salmonella and listeria while protecting the nutrients.

Why is Air-Dried Dog Food Better?

There are many benefits and reasons for switching your dog to an air-dried diet. From improved health to convenience, the benefits of air-dried dog food far outweigh those of other types of dog foods on the market. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Predominately Made of Meat

Dogs are naturally carnivores and should primarily eat meat. While some vegetables and fruits can provide sources of nutrients, their primary source of nutrition should be from muscle meat, organs, and bones. Dogs cannot properly digest certain grains, and some fruits and vegetables may make them sick if ingested. Many dog foods include inexpensive fillers like corn, rice, or potatoes, and have very little meat in their ingredients. Ziwi’s products are made from over 95% fresh meat, organs, bone, and seafood and don’t include any fillers.

Provides Raw Food BenefitsAir-Dried Dog Food

In the wild, dogs would be eating raw meat to sustain their diet. A dog’s digestive system is specifically designed to process raw foods. They have the stomach acids and bacteria-killing agents to consume raw meats. While your pooch doesn’t need to hunt for their food, you can provide them with the healthiest option that their body was meant to consume. Cooked and processed foods can be unhealthy and lack the vitamins and minerals that raw foods have.  My dog Carl was having trouble disgusting traditional dog food, but ZiwiPeak air-dried dog food helped him get back to full health. Also, raw foods can improve dental health, skin and coat quality, and increase your dog’s energy. Think of it like beef jerky for your dog!

Made of Natural Ingredients with No Additives

Using locally sourced meats allows ZiwiPeak to ensure superior quality products. Ziwi chooses only to source from humane, ethical, and sustainably managed local farms. The animals sourced are free-ranging and grass-fed all year long. They’re also free from infectious animal diseases, as well as antibiotics and growth hormones. Also, the air-drying process eliminates the need for preservatives, sugars, or glycerine, so your dog will be enjoying a great tasting meal full of nutrients and vitamins

Less Expensive Than Other Dog Foods

Air-dried brands are concentrated with much more protein than many other brands of dog food. Since they have higher protein and calorie content, it takes less food to feed your dog. It will also cost you less to feed them compared to raw, kibble, dehydrated, or freeze-dried foods. This nutrient dense food and will keep your dog feeling full and satisfied between meals.

Long Shelf Life

The air-drying process provides the food product with a long shelf life which gives you a convenient way to feed your dog a raw diet. Instead of buying raw meat at your grocery store and handling potentially contaminated meats in your home, air-dried dog food eliminates the risks that you and your family could face from foodborne pathogens. Plus, making sure you have enough meat in the fridge or freezer every day can be tiresome. Since Ziwi’s products have a shelf life of 21 months, you can keep your shelves stocked to feed your pet and not worry about it going bad.

Final Words

Air-dried dog food has many health benefits for your dog and provides a complete, balanced nutrition for all ages and sizes. While the majority of brands use fillers and additives, air-dried products are primarily made of meat, which is what your dog needs. The air-drying process does not use heat, so the food remains raw and provides all the benefits of feeding your dog a raw diet.

Since there are no additives and the ingredients are natural and fresh, you can be sure that your dog will receive a nutrient-rich meal. When compared to other types of dog food, it costs less because air-dried dog food is so protein and calorie dense that it takes less to feed and keep your dog feeling full. Air-dried dog food also has a long shelf live, which makes feeding your dog a raw food diet extremely convenient.

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