Acana Dog Food Reviews, Recalls & Ingredients 2023

Acana is one of the most high-quality and trustworthy dog food brand available on the market. In this Acana dog food reviews, we are going to discuss Acana's quality, ingredients, some best Acana dog food formula and other essential things that you should know.

The owner and manufacture of the food are the one of the oldest and famous pet food company- Champion Pet Food. The brand is certified by the government of Canada. Campion Pet Food has been in this industry for last four decades and achieved many essential awards during this time. Currently, its available more than 60 countries all over the world.

The brand also has a sister brand named Orijen. Both of them offer a verity of different kinds of dogs food for any breed and age of dogs. Compare than Orijen dog food; Acana is more affordable dog food.

This best dog food offers a large verity of fresh and healthy ingredients that suit a dog’s body. Acana dog food is an excellent resource daily protein, vitamin, mineral, and carbohydrates.

About Acana Dog Food

Acana Dog food claims to use fresh and quality ingredients always for their ever food formulary. They produce their all food products in their lobs in Alberta, Canada. Every day all their raw ingredients are collected as soon as harvested from different locations in Canada.

Most of the company skip that "Everyday collection and use" due to maintained cost efficiency. And there is the main difference from Acana to them. Where the use fresh ingredients (probably) to make the dog food but they could be stored in freezer or storage for months. But Acana collects and uses the ingredients according to their daily production basis so the ingredients remain “fresh” as much as should be.

Moreover, they don't relay to any 3rd party to produce or supply their ingredients from other places. That’s the reason they consider themselves more advanced and promising from other commercial dog foods whose are aggressively claiming top notch fresh ready made dog foods.

This best dog food has lots of different dog food recipes for different breeds and size of dogs. So, anyone will find the best option for their beloved pets. Due to the best quality ingredients, most cases it suits even the pets with sensitive stomach and allergy.

acana puppy large breed review

Acana Dog Food Ingredients

Acana is best known for producing "Biologically appropriated" and "Fresh regional ingredients." They classify their product in three different line.


This category provides 55-65% meat which contains naturally raised coob chicken, wild caught flounder whole eggs, etc. Also, they add here all sun-ripped fruits and fresh vegetables of Okanagan Orchards of Canada. The classic groups have these pet food products-

  1. Acana Dog Food Puppy & Junior
  2. Acana Puppy Small Breed
  3.  Acana Puppy Large Breed
  4. Acana Adult Small Breed
  5. Acana Chicken & Burbank Potato
  6. Acana Chicken & Burbank Potato
  7. Acana Adult Large Breed
  8. Acana Sport & Agility
  9. Acana Light & Fit
  10. Acana Senior Dog food


This category provides the highest meat compare that other tow- 60-65% but low carbohydrate. Besides, it has fruits and vegetables about 35-40%. All the regional’s dog foods are completely grain free.

  1. Acana Wild Prairie
  2. Acana Pacifica
  3. Acana Grasslands
  4. Acana Ranchlands


This category offers 45-50% meat, locally grown and harvest steel-cut oats. There are no high glycemic grains like corn and rice are not included this group. The meat used here weather ranch raised lamb or cage-free ducks.

  1. Acana Duck & Bartlett Pear
  2. Acana Lamb & Okanagan Apple
acana puppy food review

The proteins sources used all these three categories are formed naturally raised lamb, duck, chicken, fish, etc. are free from whole bone but consist of enough moisture. Dry meats would appear lower food value. Acana says these meats are "passed fit for human consumption." So, they are appropriate for your pets too. Also, the liver, kidney, tripe, cartilage, duck fat, etc. for better omega-3, minerals, zinc, vitamin k. The grains are used in those formulas are only from oats. Oats are full of fiber, carbohydrates and some minerals. Compare then rice, wheat, and corns; oats are easy to digest for dogs.

Other ingredients, like vegetables, are used in the formulas either fulfill the need of grains or vitamin. Like the green peas, potato. Many dog food company also use this as an alternative to grains. It also provides protein and easy to digest. But for some dogs peas are not suitable for consummation. Due to its fiber peas might cause diarrhea.

However, for vitamins, they add fruits and vegetables plus extra zinc in their food. They add apple, Bartlett pears, etc. they are a good source of vitamin A, C, k, fiber, etc.

Top 7 Best Acana Dog Food Reviews

We have selected 7 best Acana dog food form those three dry dog food formula for different age and breed of dog. Find which one suits for your canine-friend for everyday eating.




Our rating


acana dog food puppy

Acana Heritage Free Run Poultry Dry Dog Food

25 lbs

4.8 / 5

acana senior dog food

Acana Duck and Pear Dry Dog Food 25 lbs

25 lbs

4.8 / 5

acana heritage puppy large breed

Acana Heritage Meats Dry Dog Food

4.5/13/25 lbs

4.8 / 5

acana puppy and junior food

Acana Singles Lamb and Apple Dog Food

25 lbs

4.8 / 5

acana dog food where to buy

Acana Regionals Grasslands Dry Dog Food

25 lbs

4.8 / 5

acana puppy large breed review

Acana Singles Limited Ingredient Diet Dry Dog Food

25 lbs

4.8 / 5

acana puppy food review

Acana Heritage Freshwater Fish Dog Food

4.5 lbs

4.8 / 5

1. Acana Heritage Free Run Poultry Dry Dog Food

Our first Acana dog food review is for ACANA Heritage Free Run Poultry Dry Dog Food. As you see the name has been telling you that it contains free-run poultry meats. They add free-run cobb chicken and tom turkey in this recipe and their nest-laid whole egg. Not all the eggs are used here are from this chicken and turkey farm. Acana also collect the eggs from local Kentucky farms that they trusted well.

acana dog food puppy

This dry dog food contains 60% of meat protein which is also passed the test of human consumption. This formula features whole prey ration of a dog to follow the diet of a naturally raised dog in a free environment. The company just not use the bird muscles but use the giblets, liver, cartilage and other organs that contain necessary nutrition for a dog. All these ingredients freshly arrive in the Kentucky DogStar Kitchens of Acana on a daily basis.

The food is rich in vitamins and minerals. Like the meat provides Glucosamine and chondroitin, the cartilage and bones include calcium and phosphorus. Also, the fresh vegetable, fruits, and whole eggs supply the necessary amount of Vitamin and minerals. This formula is free of any grain, synthetic and chemicals.

The kibbles of this dog food are flats but easy to chew. You can give it your any age of dogs. Due to the chicken and turkey flavor, this dog meal is delicious to eat. There are many benefits of this dry dog food. It’s excellent for sensitive stomach or allergy-prone dogs as well.

  • The complete grain-free formula, so easy to digest.
  • Protein comes from Whole eggs, cook chicken, and tom turkey.
  • This diet is for all life stages of any breed of dog.
  • Great for those dogs who gorges.
  • Boost their energy level.
  • An affordable dog food.
  • It seems little greasy.
  • Some complained that the USA made Poultry Dry Dog Food is causing vomit or upsetting stomach to the dogs for first few days.

Overall, it’s an ideal food for making dogs healthy and energetic. Chicken/turkey is a familiar flavor, so any fussy dog will also like it to eat daily.

2. Acana Duck and Pear Dry Dog Food 25 lbs

Acana Duck and Pear Dry Dog Food is another the best food for your dogs. This dog food contains 50% proteins and 50% fruits, vegetables and other botanicals. So, your dog will get a lot of vitamins and minerals though. This food is particularly remarkable for those dogs who have an allergy, ill stomach of low appetite. It works for regular dogs as well. But if you are struggling with an ideal food for your fussy pet, you must try this one.

acana senior dog food

The containing ingredients of Duck and Pear Dry Dog Food heritage duck meat from the Appalachian ranching country, nest-laid eggs, wild caught fish from New England. The fruits like Barlett pears, butternut squash, and other vegetables are locally grown from Kentucky. They always tried to supply all the locally harvested ingredients so the food can give the dog proper nutrition as it should be.

Currently, Acana producing their food in the USA too. All the selected ingredients for Duck and Pear Dry Dog Food typically arrive in the kitchen in 48 hours after they harvested maintaining Acana’s standard.

This best dog food is suitable for all age of dogs. It works on their muscles, bone, and coat and helps them to recover illness. Like we said earlier its good for sensitive dogs, so you can use the food to adjust to dry dog food and recover from their severe disease. As they get better to try some high protein food from Acana dog food. Or else you can add extra protein like pork meat (slightly cooked) with this regular food.

  • Well for allergy prone dogs.
  • Farm fresh Muscovy ducks and Bartlett pears.
  • It contains Kentucky grains, fruits, and vegetables.
  • Ideal for all diet-sensitive dogs to increase palatability.
  • Great for dogs with lower calcium percentage bone.
  • Entirely free of grain, potato, and tapioca.
  • Soft easy to chew kibbles for all life stage of dogs.
  • Little pricey compare then other Acana dog foods.
  • Less verity of protein- this formula only the Duck meat/organs.

If your dog has a food allergy/ has a digestion problem, then it’s a must try the diet for any adult or puppy. It’s very light, easy to digest and decently flavored for increase their appetite.

3. ACANA Heritage Meats Dry Dog Food

The thirds Best Acana dog food review is for some classic dog food for every breed of dogs. If looking for more protein-purine dog food, then there is nothing better than ACANA Heritage Meats Dry Dog Food. This dog food comes with a good verity of protein, low carbohydrate, and zero grains.

acana heritage puppy large breed

The ACANA Heritage Meats Dry Dog Food has farm raised Angus beef, Yorkshire pork, Suffolk lamb from Kentucky. They added organs as well as meat. The ancestors of dogs were roaming the wilderness, hunt prey and survive on the only protein diet. Time has changed, but the primary need of dogs will never change. That’s why Acana always use the formula containing maximum protein and other essential nutrients. And the whole beef and pork muscles, deboned pork, lamb, beef oil, meal, etc. could fulfill the ration perfectly. Also, it has beef tripe, live, kidney, cartilage from all three beef, pork and lamb. These provide, iron calcium and omega-3 along with other essential nourishment.

However, they did not skip the part of fruits and vegetables. But in this food, its less compare then our previous two. They added fresh and healthiest vegetables, and fruits are grown in Kuntekey but no grains. You will find pinto beans, red lentils, green peas, dried kelp, whole pumpkin, spinach, etc. in the ingredients list. The food is enriched with vitamin, minerals, and fiber. They made food easy to digest as well. The dog diet has high-quality grain-free carbohydrate with low glycemic.

  • Contains locally raised Angus beef, Yorkshire pork, Suffolk lamb and a good ratio of organs.
  • High protein rate more than 60% quality heritage meat.
  • Completely grain-free and very low carbohydrate.
  • Suitable for all age and breed of dogs.
  • Resalable bags so easy to store, so the tired up packet could be used for storing the food well.
  • The flavor may not suit all type of dogs.
  • The product is bit pricey.

Overall its excellent dog food to make your dog healthy and energetic and will defiantly get stronger muscles and coats, and you will see the difference within a month.

4. Acana Singles Lamb and Apple Dog Food

So there is another limited edition Acana dog food after the Duck and Pear Dry Food. This one is also single protein dog food but great for your furry friends. The Acana Singles Lamb and Apple Dog Food are made of farm-raised lamps from Kentucky. They added deboned lamb, lamb fat, liver, tripe, kidney, cartilage, lamb meal, and fat. Lamb meat is little fatty but easily digested protein meat. That’s why they are better to compare then beef and pork. The food also has natural lamb flavor to give it more delicious smell and test to your dog. If he is picky about his food, this flavor will help you for sure.

acana puppy and junior food

But not the lamb protein that makes it so efficient, there is chickpeas, pinto brand, sun-cured alfalfa, mustard greens, collard greens dried kelp, pumpkin, etc. also included. These are an excellent source of vitamin, fibers, and minerals. And the other signature ingredients of this dry dog food is apple. This delicious red apple makes testier and nutritious. If your dog eats less due to less appetite or illnesses, this diet will help him to recover soon and back into the usual form of feeding, play, and sleep. Also, the food works on their stool as well. Your dog will poop regular and in more natural shape.

Like other Acana food, this one also easy to chew. Infect we find this one softer and less smelly. However, your puppy to the full-grown any dog will eat and sallow is at ease.

  • Totally grain free meal for all breed and age of dogs.
  • Made out of limited ingredients like ranch raised local lambs, fresh red apples, and another vegetable.
  • Suitable for dogs with a sensitive stomach or skin allergy.
  • Soft, flat and small kibbles easy to chew with.
  • Expensive dog food just like other limited addition pet foods of Acana.
  • The food is not easily available in the local market due to the limited ingredients.

Even with the higher cost, the food is worth for all sensitive and fussy dogs. It’s quite flavorful, easy to digest and especially to target those who are little fussy with their food.

5. Acana Regionals Grasslands Dry Dog Food

Acana Regionals Grasslands Dry Dog Food is another dog foods in our Acana dog food reviews. It is a great food for that peaky eater who always makes a fuss with their daily food. The Acana Regionals Grasslands Dry Dog Food is a relive for all kind of dogs spicily those particular dogs. Also, it shows a great result on the dog will ill stomach. Many users said about the food is, their dog starts to improve form stomach upset, vomiting, direct after having this meal.

acana dog food where to buy

The dog food from Acana is always made from locally grown ingredients. The Acana Regionals Grasslands Dry Dog Food is made of meat, fish, etc. in total prey ratio. It contains maximum protein rate- 70% but utterly grain-free formula and limited carbohydrate. This food is enriched with omega-3, calcium, iron and other necessary minerals. That’s why is right for their muscle, bone, teeth, and coat.

The good thing about this exceptional dog food is, it’s not like other those limited edition dog foods especially for allergy- prone or sensitive dogs. So, you have a sure supply of diet for your dog. So, if the adjust with food, you will be tension free form ‘out of stock’ message that might happen for other best Acana dog food reviews mentioned here.

The ingredients of the food are simple and available for all around the year. They added Suffolk lamb meat, Muscovy duck, free run quail, whole nest laid eggs, etc. to maintain the total prey ration this The formula does a plenty amount of lamb and duck kidney, liver, cartilage, fish fat, etc. Also, it has plenty of fruits and vegetables like the other Acana dog food.

  • High protein percentages with additional carbs, fat, fiber, vitamin and minerals.
  • Help to improve their coat texture and make it shiny.
  • All the ingredients are used are locally sourced.
  • Suitable for dogs with a sensitive stomach or has a food allergy.
  • Protein form lamb, whole eggs, rainbow trout, Muscovy duck, free-run quail, etc.
  • The lamb flavor works great peaky eaters.
  • Low carbohydrate and completely grain free.
  • Expensive dog food formula.

Besides, the price we haven’t anything bad about the dog food according to our research. However, you should give one try to this high protein dog diet.

6. Acana Singles Limited Ingredient Diet Lamb and Apple Formula Dry Dog Food

Our sixth Acana dog food review is for Acana Singles Limited Ingredient Diet Lamb and Apple Formula Dry Dog Food. The food is a light dog food for every age and breed of dogs. It's specially made targeting those dogs which are having trouble with regular dog food. The common problem on a typical dog is they are contained with grains, gluten which effect on their stomach. As a result, they stool become too hard or liquid. Some cases the food cases vomiting.

acana puppy large breed review

But this limited edition formula dog diet is out of any gluten or grain. It has farm raised fresh lamb meat, kidney, liver, cartilage, tripe, liver and lamb meal. This food has standard protein 50 percentage. So, this limited ingredients food also has sun ripe red delicious apple. The goodness of apple gives vitamins and minerals with a good greet test. The primary flavor of this food is lamb. After the chicken lamb, it is favorite of any dogs. So, even a peaky eater will love to have this food for sure.

In vegetables is has chickpeas, pinto brand, sun-cured alfalfa, mustard greens, collard greens dried kelp, pumpkin, etc. This is also great for essential minerals, fiber, vitamin. The food is free from any potato or tapioca. The total percentage of fruits and vegetables are even 50%? So, it becomes light and healthy and easily digestible. If you are struggling with finding a good dog food that can serve all need and provide better nutrition, then this could be the best option to consider. The kibbles of food are nice and soft and comfortable to chew.

  • Suitable for all bread of dogs from puppy to adult.
  • It contains 50% protein, lamb meat, organs, etc.
  • Completely gluten free and low carb formula.
  • The lamb flavor suits with most of the dog’s test.
  • Easy to digest and consumption.
  • Makes dogs healthier and energetic.
  • Expensive, so not affordable for low to the average range of people.
  • Made of limited edition ingredients, so the continuous availability all around the year is little tricky.

If you have more than one dog in your house and they have a separate test of food, then you can try this one. It’s a favorite brand and successful formula which work on most of their appetite.

7. Acana Heritage Freshwater Fish Dog Food

Last but not least, our final Acana dog food review is for Acana Singles Duck and Pear Dog Food. Many people think that dogs not so fond of fish, wrong! The ancestor of dogs not only depends on animal roaming on the forest. They use to survive on river sea fish as well.

acana puppy food review

However, this food review is exceptional from our other Acana dog food reviews. The food is made with whole blue catfish, rainbow trout, catfish meal, oil, cod meal, mackerel meal, etc. protein. If your dog can get allergy with meat form chicken, beef, pork or lamb, then you could consider having a fish meal instead of any animal meat.

The fish is a great source of protein, food fat, omega- 3, etc. it helps to keep their muscle and health stronger. It also provides calcium, iodine, etc. as well. For fiber and vitamins, they added whole green peas, chickpeas, green lentils, red lentils, sun-cured alfalfa, dried kelp and many other vegetables forms Kentucky

The food doesn’t have any digestive issues that might cause stomach upset. The kibbles are also really soft and comfortable to chew with. If your dog adjusts with meal surly, you will see a more significant difference within few weeks with this acana puppy and junior food.

  • The food is rich in omega- 3 fatty acids and iodine.
  • Entirely gain free and low carb food.
  • Flavored with natural fish flavor.
  • No animal meat is added, not even the organs.
  • Suitable for allergy prone dogs as well.
  • Make your dog healthier and gives shiny coats.
  • The food is little oily due to the fish fat.
  • The expensive product even the smallest package of 4.5 cost you a lot.

This dog food could make a big difference compare than any other usual dog food. It will make your dog healthier and energetic along with shiny hair.

Acana dog food review

Acana Dog Food Recalls 2018

Just we said earlier Acana is a brand of Champion Pet Food- a pet food company which awarded much time for their remarkable jobs over these years. The brand is also in a promising name and sincerely contributed to the pet food industry. From our Acana puppy food reviews, you will learn more about Acana dog food recalls 2018.

For this period Acana succeeds to remain in their position without any scandal or anything that questioned their production. None of their products involved in any recalls ever since they are in the food market. We look for clues so we can tell about any of their production problems but any of Acana dog food review posts, user reviews, online news are not state anything related the recall. But still, we can say about the future. So if anything happened in future, we would surely edit this recall section for you guys. Till than Acana is a safe pet food brand to consider.

Acana Dog Food Where to Buy

The Acana dog food will also give you some super adequate information currently spinning in tour mind-Acana dog food where to buy? The food is presently available in more than 60 countries. If you are Canadian, then you will get this to your nearest pet shop. After all, the award-winning kitchen of Acana is right in Canada. Some other countries like UK, US, etc. directly export this dog food. So, people from this area will quickly get this.

However, other countries like China, Japan, Hong Kong, etc. in Asia continents also export this food. If you don’t find these acana dog foods in your local pet shop, then you can order it from online. Online merchandise like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, etc. can deliver this pet food in different countries.

The easiest way to find the availability of the dog food for a particular country is, go to Acana’s official website and check. Their official website provides an easy navigation map which shows the nearest pet shop who can supply the diet in your area.

Also, many pet food blogs offer a different deal, the coupon on purchases Acana dog foods at a low price on separate occasions. Mostly they offer a discount coupon as per the Subscription condition. If the subscription is free of cost, then it's an excellent deal to consider.

Final Thoughts

To wrap all this Acana dog food review up, all we can say according to our research that, Acana does a great job when it comes to quality pet food making. You have lots of different types and flavor of dog foods to choose from their pet food range. Even you can find the perfect food packets for your allergy sensitive furry buddy or those who are on highly physical training.

Another good thing about Acana that they combined all the fresh local sources which offers excellent nourishment compare than outsources ingredients. All those elements are not too fancy but just enough to provide excellent nutrition value that needs a different age of dogs.

So, it’s better to go for a more natural dog food rather than artificial; chemical contains diet for your pet. Infect all the pet food manufacturer should adopt this method of fresh local ingredients usage as much as they can. However, you can choose one of the best dog food from these Acana dog food reviews to ensure a safe and healthy diet for your dogs.


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